[Comm-en] Sisyphus multi-language

Fernando Martini fmartini at altlinux.org
Tue Jul 7 00:16:58 MSD 2009

Hi Michael,

I'm the Maintainer of Portuguese language (and altlinux.com.br), my
Partner (Dlnunes@) is the maintainer of Spanish language.

The problem is in integration of developer brazilian (and spanish) in
sisyphus, for this the multi-language is necessary ;)

My suggestion of English by language mother in communication of Latin
American developer with All developers. (Brazilians, russians,
ukrainian, etc..)

Several developers brazilian had interest in collaborating in the
development of ALT Linux


Em Seg, 2009-07-06 às 21:48 +0300, Michael Shigorin escreveu:
> On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 02:45:52PM -0300, Fernando Martini wrote:
> > Have much persons interested in Latin America to join in
> > development of projects ALT Linux, consequently we need
> > developer a Sisyphus in multi-language.
> I'm from Ukraine, and Ukrainian is also a Slavic language like
> Russian (so we can usually communicate in Russian) but a
> different one anyways (so different translations are needed);
> welcome to discuss related issues.
> > My suggestion is:
> > -> We begin the development of a new sisyphus (or the
> > integration of current) for multiple languages (Russian,
> > English, Portuguese, Spanish, etc...)
> I'd think of integration and maybe a metabug for those.
> > -> Center of Development (Language mother) in English
> > (so that everyone can understand)
> Don't think that will be feasible; OTOH judging on PLD experience
> (pld-linux.org, mother language of most developers is Polish but
> one can find e.g. Jeff Johnson of RPM fame in pld-devel-en@)
> multi-lang development environment is doable.
> > -> Start of development fast :)
> Well, I've seen quite a few i18n packages related to Spanish and
> Portuguese Brasilian support already.  You could probably first
> describe what's wrong on a freshly installed desktop somewhere
> at http://en.altlinux.org, form a TODO list and start working 
> on it -- shouldn't be neccessarily fast but hope will be
> productive. :)

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