[Comm-en] PAM with ALT Linux

Daniel Rocher daniel.rocher at adella.org
Sat Nov 10 01:01:23 MSK 2007

Le vendredi 9 novembre 2007, Michael Shigorin a écrit :

> Or you might want to follow best practices (that is, reusing
> configuration in this case) and include system-auth on other
> distros instead of relying on particular scheme in your snippet:
> there are other auth modules (someone would use e.g. pam_ldap).
> PS: I've checked nearby VPSes with Mandriva 2007.1, FC6,
> CentOS 4.4 -- all of them do provide /etc/pam.d/system-auth.
> Only Debian Etch would diverge calling that "common-auth".

Yes, I understand. I'll change that.




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