[Comm-en] PAM with ALT Linux

Daniel Rocher daniel.rocher at adella.org
Fri Nov 9 23:21:30 MSK 2007

Le vendredi 9 novembre 2007, Alexander Bokovoy a écrit :
>Daniel, you'd probably need to supply an ALTLinux-customized PAM config 
>for your application made along these lines. Better, use the following 
>(not tested):
> #%PAM-1.0
> auth     include        system-auth
> auth     required       pam_listfile.so
> file=/etc/qtsmbstatusd/qtsmbstatusd.users onerr=fail sense=allow item=user
> account  include        system-auth
> password include        system-auth
> session  include        system-auth

It's work perfectly !

I have changed /etc/pam.d/qtsmbstatusd by your config and I have tested:
- a bad login /bad password
- a good login /bad password
- a good login /good password
- a good login/null password

all ok  :-)

>It relies on the fact that we have system-wide 'system-auth' PAM config 
>which does common magic (like system-auth-local above).

I understand. Perhaps directly in ALT Linux rpm packages (by  Drool).

Thank you very much.



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