[Comm-en] Installing Local Packages?

Rachel Ramey rachel at homeworksbest.net
Mon Sep 5 19:47:34 MSD 2005

<<> On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 05:13:16PM -0400, Rachel Ramey wrote:
> > I have a Conexant modem.  It appears that ALT installed a
> > Linuxant driver, but it wasn't the correct one.  My modem
> > *says* it's an hsf modem, but it actually requires an hcf
> > driver: hcfpcimodem-1.05full-1.rpm.
> How "actually"?  AFAIH these are quite distinct drivers.>>

>From the Linuxant website:

"The following modem devices are recognized by the driver:
HSF/HSFi (Standard and SmartDAA)....
PCI ID {127A,14F1}:{1025,1085,2005} (if it doesn't work, try HCF driver) "

"The following PCI modem devices are recognized by the hcfpcimodem driver:
PCI ID {127A,14F1}:{1025,1085,2005} (if it doesn't work, try HSF driver) "

"My modem's PCI ID is 127a:1025 or 127a:2005 and it doesn't work.
You probably should try both the HCF and HSF drivers, until one works. Some
early modems are incorrectly identified (HCF as HSF and vice-versa) in some
versions of the PCI ID lists used by lspci and the linux kernel. Also, a few
modem vendors have tried to save costs by omitting the EEPROM where device
IDs are stored, causing the same default ID built into the bus interface
chip to be used for both HCF and HSF devices."

My modem is a 14F1; 2005.  I tried the lspci command as instructed
yesterday, and it did not produce anything; not even an error message.  I'm
pretty new to Linux and don't understand all the command codes yet, so
suggestions for alternate ways of entering the lspci command would be
appreciated. :) I have some information jotted down already from trying to
set up the modem on the last distro I tried; perhaps some of it is the same

Be blessed!
~Rachel Ramey<><

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