[Comm-en] New Compact 2.3 - 20040903 ISO

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Sat Sep 11 01:31:07 MSD 2004

Sorry, I should have stepped in before.

Michael Shigorin wrote:

>On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:53:51PM -0600, D&J Bouley wrote:
>>Okay, I just installed the beta for the English build of
>>Compact 2.3 and I have a couple of questions regarding
>Ugh.  I'm completely uninformed about such special build -- could
>you point me to the download?
It is a beta of an upcoming 2.3 Compact EU/NA edition. It has not been 
publicly announced yet. RC will be available in a day (Monday, I guess), 
and I will try not to forget to announce it then.

Basically, it is the same old Compact with updated Mozilla and 
OpenOffice.org, English documentation, several bugfixes and minor 
changes in the package set.

>(if it was ftp://beta.altlinux.org then I see only Master 2.4
>beta5 dated 2004-07-28 there, and that's quite another story)

>Please clarify the question above -- maybe it's enough to add
>"Contribs 2.3" to your repository list (basically it's finding a
>record with "... Compact/2.3 ALTLinux main" and just adding
>" contrib" at the end of the line, so that it is like this:
Yes, I join to this question. David, have you tried the Compact 2.3 
Contribs repository?
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