[Comm-en] New Compact 2.3 - 20040903 ISO

Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Fri Sep 10 08:14:16 MSD 2004

On Thu, Sep 09, 2004 at 09:53:51PM -0600, D&J Bouley wrote:
> Okay, I just installed the beta for the English build of
> Compact 2.3 and I have a couple of questions regarding
> Synaptic.

Ugh.  I'm completely uninformed about such special build -- could
you point me to the download?

(if it was ftp://beta.altlinux.org then I see only Master 2.4
beta5 dated 2004-07-28 there, and that's quite another story)

> First of all, right after I installed the OS, Synaptic wants to
> carry out the following updates:

What repos are enabled in repository list?

> I've done this once before (with the earlier version of
> Compact) and it left me with a broken KDE.  Do these updates
> seems safe enough to carry out?  Am I going to be left with a
> non-functional KDE desktop again?

Well if I remember correctly, last time you've got to Sisyphus
(unstable) repository, and that can be a scary territory to walk
for the first time (should be a test system).

Please clarify the question above -- maybe it's enough to add
"Contribs 2.3" to your repository list (basically it's finding a
record with "... Compact/2.3 ALTLinux main" and just adding
" contrib" at the end of the line, so that it is like this:

rpm [alt] ftp://ftp.altlinux.com/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Compact/2.3 ALTLinux main contrib

(whether in Synaptic menu or directly in /etc/apt/sources.list,
doesn't matter)

and "Update" in synaptic or apt-get update in the terminal.

> Next: I'm told that the new Compact 2.3 is compatible with the
> new packages release for Junior 2.3.  All I have to do is add
> the Junior 2.3 repository to my Synaptic preferences.  Can
> anyone tell me what the URL is for the new Junior 2.3
> application listing?

It should be (and may be beneficial with bugfixes), but I don't
see ftp://ftp.altlinux.org/pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Junior/2.3

OTOH critical things are already in "updates", and most other
things build together with the main Compact's package base are
available in Contrib so that you don't have to jump over half a
year of software (versions, dependencies, ...) changes.

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