[Comm-en] Compiling from source - X headers

Richard Hainsworth richard at rusrating.ru
Tue May 25 14:15:46 MSD 2004

I have Compact distro
I want to use software available in source form (cgoban-1.9.12.tar.gz)
After downloading gcc using aptget, dearchiving and using the configure
macro, I get the following:
checking for X... no
*** Sorry, configure cannot find your X includes and libraries.
***  Compiling cannot continue until this is fixed
*** If you know where X11 is installed, try
*** ./configure --x-includes=<DIR> --x-libraries=<DIR>

I tried ./configure --x-includes=/usr/X11R6/include
The configure worked, but make failed as it required X11 headers
Xlib.h, Xutil.h, keysym.h 

So where do I find these headers?


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