[Comm-en] System Requiremtnts for ALT Linux

Ariel Lavi laviariel at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 14:30:38 MSD 2004

Hello Michael, and thaks.
I accidentally wrote "20 MB" when I actually have 200 MB RAM on my Kawaki, so I guess that setles the problem.
I am currently downloading ALT Linux and I will try to run it and hope for the best. 
1. I use the internet only form my Desk computer using ADSL, does ALt linjux support it?
2. Wil ALT linux Compact 2.3 enable me to use USB in some way on my Portable computer? I have a coordinator between the mouse exit to a USB connection. but win95 doesn't support it.
3. About the RPM's and all that, I barely understood anything buit when it will become relvant I will contact you again.
4. Thanks for pointing me to Ben-Yehuda, I'll ask him.
good bye

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