[Comm-en] ksysv seems broken

Sergey V Turchin zerg at altlinux.org
Thu Jul 1 17:43:50 MSD 2004

В сообщении от Чт 1 Июль 2004 17:14 Richard Hainsworth написал(a):
> from the main menu /Configuration/Boot and Init/SysV Init Editor
> generates a call to ksysv and a request for the root password,
> and then bombs.
apt-get check
command say anything?

What distribution are you use?
Show please version of kdeadmin-ksysv package.
rpm -q kdeadmin-ksysv

> Run from the command line under root #ksysv
> yields the following output
> SysV-Init Editor 1.3.8 Developer Version Copyright ╘ 1997-2000
> Peter Putzer.
> All rights reserved. Released under the GNU General Public
> License (GPL).
> _KDE_IceTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.ICE-unix should be set to root
> kbuildsycoca running...
> DCOP aborting call from 'anonymous-17020' to 'ksysv'
> ERROR: Communication problem with ksysv, it probably crashed.
> [root at smilingface root]# Mutex destroy failure: Device or
> resource busy
> Then a window reporting an error with signal 11
> How do I reinstall ksysv. Its in the kdeadmin package, but I cant
> work out how to reinstall it.
apt-get --reinstall install kdeadmin-ksysv
rpm -e --nodeps kdeadmin-ksysv; apt-get install kdeadmin-ksysv

> Richard

Regards, Sergey, ALT Linux Team, http://www.altlinux.ru
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