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Michael Shigorin mike at osdn.org.ua
Wed Dec 22 15:44:30 MSK 2004

On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 03:35:26PM +0300, Siver Andrey wrote:
> I'm not sure whether we should continue this talk in English
> (may be in Russian in some other places would be better).

Definitely.  In community@ ? ;-)

> When I ask some questions in forums for programmers
> (forum.vingrad.ru for example) I recieve answers in one or two
> hours (and at least in a day for very specific questions).
> That's because: (1) my questions occur in proper places; (2)
> there are many people there.

Yep.  So far there are many knowledgeable people in community@
and there seems to be little enthusiasm among them to participate
in forums -- it's just overly time-consuming.

> As to pay. I think that some of my question would be more
> helpful for developers (as a feedback) then for me or for our
> group.

Maybe.  But then there's bugzilla ;-)

Otherwise, the real advice is to use proper mail agents for
different tasks.  All in all, judging without participation is
hard, and if you feel something is really nasty enough, you can
always contact org@ or support at .

> It's not difficult at all to organize forum. There are many
> linux forums so it's enoght to coordinate efforts.

Well you can do a search for "форум" at search.altlinux.ru to
identify those interested (there was a recent discussion) and
cooperate woth them [to cooperate with any forum] to bring the
thing up and running.

You're welcome :-)

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