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Siver Andrey siver at sirius.ihep.su
Wed Dec 22 15:35:26 MSK 2004

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> On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 10:31:18AM +0300, Siver Andrey wrote:
> > Is there any forum concerning ALT Linux specific questions?
> None really known.  It's a regularly demanded topic but so far
> only one occasion of a person agile enough not only to create,
> but to maintain the forum (and that was intended as a FAQ
> storage, not really as a forum) -- but that forum ceased to
> exist.

Yes, I know. That's why I'd up this question.

I'm not sure whether we should continue this talk in English (may be in
Russian in some other places would be better).

> > I noticed that traffic from discussion mail-lists is too high;
> > I did not recieve answers on my questions and do not interest
> > in the most of the messages.
> More focused answers can be obtained from paid technical support,
> you know, community isn't when you ask your questions, get your
> personalized answers in a minute and are not willing to help back.

When I ask some questions in forums for programmers (forum.vingrad.ru for
example) I recieve answers in one or two hours (and at least in a day for
very specific questions). That's because: (1) my questions occur in proper
places; (2) there are many people there.

As to pay. I think that some of my question would be more helpful for
developers (as a feedback) then for me or for our group.

It's not difficult at all to organize forum. There are many linux forums so
it's enoght to coordinate efforts.


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