[Comm-en] Some compact 2.3 beta bugs

Kalajan kalajan at phreaker.net
Tue Sep 30 20:43:36 MSD 2003


First, sorry about my english, i'm spanish. Well, I downloaded the ALT 
Linux Compact 2.3 beta (20030926)  and the installation was so fine 
(well, not "all" fine), but post-instalation not.
I have cable and the installation detect that I have a LAN (the 
cablemodem connected to my ethernet card, that it was detected 
perfecly), and I must use DHCP but when in the firt time (and next 
boots...) of ALT Linux the DHCP daemon (dhcpcd) cant't provide the 
correct IP to the eth0 and cannot connect to the net (I could use the 
DHCP client "pump" as alternative, but not exist in 2.3b CD).

I have a Nvidia TNT2 M64 and run the installation in expert mode (for 
customize all the installation). All the hardware is detected correctly 
but when the installation finish, it popup an error window, it says that 
"vidia_glx_1.0.4496" no was found. Well I show the console log (alt+F3) 
and the installation no found "vidia_glx_1.0.4496" but the real name of 
package is "nvidia_glx_1.0.4496" (exactly 
nvidia_glx_1.0.4496-1.0.4496-alt5.i586.rpm). I other system a search 
this error in the CD files and it was found in Xconfigurator.pm (in the 
path /ALTLinux/mdkinst/usr/bin/perl-install/) that had writed 
"vidia_glx_1.0.4496" and not "nvidia_glx_1.0.4496".

In the fisrt boot, when I logged the X not start (where is startx?), i 
just edited /etc/X11/XF86Config and... the file is empty... well i edit 
the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 and... the same (¿?). I run the xf86config 
utility and then it created a new XF86Config (i choose "nv" and then 
"vesa"driver). Then I created a copy of XF86Config for XF86Config-4. I 
run starticewm and the others WM but it noticed me that "not screen 
founds" (not start X) and I don't know that I may to do.

Hardware info:

CPU: Athlon XP 1800+
Memory: 384 Mb RAM
Video Card: Nvidia TNT2 M64
NIC: Realtek RTL8139 Fast Ethernet

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