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Alexey Tourbin at at altlinux.ru
Mon Nov 17 14:33:10 MSK 2003

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 10:56:00AM +0200, Dinu Ioan wrote:
> Hello
> Just after posting the nessage I found out that I needed rpm-build and 
> so on.Thank you very much for your help.Another problem that I would 
> like to solve is with my laptop Lucent winmodem:
> It works under Mandrake 9.0 ( with ltmodem 8.26.. ) but with other 
> distributions ( like Red Hat 8, 9, Asp 9.0 or Alt ) I get no results.If 
> I manage to compile the drivers the modem connects to the provider but 
> it doesn't open any page.I know from Mandrake 9.0 what packages I 

Guys, can somebody help us with Lucent winmodem?

> need,but it doesn't work for the other distributions.Any ideea?
> Thanks again for your coopertion.
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