[Comm-en] ALT for scientist (but not only)

vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru
Thu Feb 20 12:33:29 MSK 2003

> http://www.sai.msu.su/sal/

> >BTW, migration of (common, not physics/astronomers/ other computer-
> >What is needed  for example for a biologist - special distro, with excluded 
>Well, I suppose it is exactly ALT Linux Junior :-)
>Perhaps there can be some additional CD for biologists

I don't agree with you. LJ needs to be severely stripped, and made as 
compatible with current Windows soft as it is possible. Otherwise any 
good scientist will say - my aim is to study my object, not bash, make or 
But the humor of the situation is that make, gcc, etc should be in that 
imaginary "scienific distro", and not on the 2nd, but on the first disk!
Or, even better, there should be  Kylix (Open Edition, 3) on it! 
Scientists tend to use RAD tools when possible, you know.

BTW. A compuler company that resides in the house I live will give a try 
to ALT Master 2.2 as soon as it will be out (guess who's "guilty" that they 
have chosen ALT :) over RH). They say price of ca. 1000 roubles is quite 
OK for corporate buyers from a small businesses if they only could 
replace Windows and MSOffice. Though in big companies (like 
Gazprom) VBA compatibility usually is needed. And I don't know whether 
OpenOffice.ru can run VBA macros ...

I hope I will have a chance to look at 2.2 Master soon.
A Linux newbie,
Vadim Alexeenko, Institute of Cytology RAS

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