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vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru
Mon Feb 17 21:55:18 MSK 2003

> > How about ALT LJ2.4 Science&Engineering edition :) ?
> 3.0 it will be :)
> We will need at least:
> 1. A head for such a project
> 2. Contributors to deal with
> ... and the most important thing - user's interest in it. 

No product->No interest->No product->.... :(

> If you can provide us any statistics concerning user's interest in such a
> project - why not?

Well, IMHO until MS does not start any raids in the scientific institutes - there will be no 
BIG interest. Just some people like me.

In all cases, what is needed - a distro that *easily replaces* MS programs most often 
used. Junior is not such a distro. It's sad, but it is (of couse, "replaces", but not "easily"). 

MS presses the computer stores no to sell pirated windows, and if you can roll out 
something like Lindows - one mail client, one office suite, maybe Kylix (activation key user 
should obtain in Borland) - you will sell it better than hot dogs  near the high school at 
noon. IMHO. My friends from computer company said they would seriously consider Linux 
distho that complies to these requirements. And does not have any significant glitches. 
And uses MS fonts w/o any extra overhead (the MS license allows the distribution of 
Verdana, Times New Roman, Arial, and Courier New).

Well,surely, after installation such a distro should allow the "root" to completely remove 
itself. It's sad, but true.  95% of folks, I afraid, will use that tool to remove ALT and install 
the pirated Windows, but the rest will be yours - and may form a growth point. 

BTW - is it too hard to cooperate with some company thad writes financial software to 
make  "Parus for Linux" or "Comtech for Linux"?  Goddamit, but Russ. Acad. Sci. requires 
that RAS institutes use Parus for DOS!!! I was mad when our "glavbuch" told they are 
moving (in Dec. 2002) their data from 1C for Windows to that crazy Parus for DOS...

IMHO If you will open the Internet forum, and ask there the question- "what should be in 
Junior 2.2 Scientific edition", you will get a much better reply than I can write here.
Or, maybe even better, this can be done on LRN site?
A Linux newbie,
Vadim Alexeenko, Institute of Cytology RAS

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