[Comm-en] GNOME 2.2

Leonid B. Sysoletin webmaster at unicon-ms.ru
Wed Feb 12 19:41:52 MSK 2003

12 Февраль 2003 19:32, vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru написал:
> It seems that ALT Linux Junior supports GNOME 2.2
> I have a few machines running ALTLJ2, not all of them having Internet
> connection available.
> How can I upgrade GNOME on them?
> Maybe there is some RPM I can download and install?
> Or I need to downoad a bunch of separate RPMs for it?

There are two major ways of doing it:
1. Connect to Sysiphus repository and mirror it on your Intranet;
2. Buy CDs of Sisyphus - for example, on linuxshop.ru.

BTW, why do you use this mailing list, not russian one?
There are other ALTLinux mailing lists, have a look at the altlinux.ru . ;-)

L. Sysoletin,
webmaster at unicon-ms.ru

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