[Comm-en] Control Centre "Bug"

Egor Grebnev egor at altlinux.ru
Sat Dec 27 20:48:31 MSK 2003


Actually, the question of Control Center (more exactly, the old set of 
configuration utilities inherited from Mandrake) is one of the most 
important for us. We are in process of replacing these legacy utilities 
with a new set of ALT-specific utilities, which are under development 
now. We had a choice of either put development efforts on supporting the 
old configuration tools or on creating our own, better (for us) and more 
prospective ones. We've chosen the latter, and we hope that you will be 
able to see our progress somewhere by the next release.

Unfortunately, this release will not be Compact :(

Regarding your problem, I have a suggestion. It is just a workaround, 
and it doesn't fix the essence of the problem, but it should help. Press 
Alt + Shift + NumLock during your X session, and you will be able to 
manipulate the mouse cursor with the numpad keys. You should be able to 
choose the proper configuration option for your mouse this way.

By the way, mice support is going to be improved heavily very soon as 
well :)

djbouley wrote:

>Just wanted to mention a little "bug" I found recently with the ALT Linux 
>Control Centre app. (either it's a bug, or I just couldn't figure out how to 
>do what I wanted to do).
>I bought a new mouse for our PC this week and was just setting up the new 
>configuration for it using the ALT Control Centre.  When I first changed the 
>mouse settings to the new configuration all seemed to work fine, until I 
>logged off the session.  
>When I logged back in later, the mouse didn't work.  I obviously didn't choose 
>the proper configuration.  Not a problem, because I knew my keyboard command 
>well enough to move about the desktop and got the Control Centre up again.  
>However, when I tried to maneuver to the Hardware Settings, I could not 
>scroll down to select the Mouse Setup (using the cursor keys on the 
>keyboard).  I could only expand the Hardware Settings drop down menu and 
>nothing more.
>Has the new release of ALT Compact worked out some of the bugs with the 
>Control Centre functions?  If not, it may be something the development team 
>will want to look at and address.

Egor Grebnev
ALT Linux Team

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