[Comm-en] need a little help here

Chris Keel Ekj530 at vertexcc.com
Fri Aug 15 06:55:30 MSD 2003

Hi All! I am new here and new to Alt Linux. I just installed Junior 2.2. I
must say that is was a painless install without any hitches. However, I am
having a little problem that perhaps someone can help me with. 


After I completed the install, it told me to remove the installation disc
(this was and d'loaded ISO) and reboot. I did that and it went through the
process and took me to X. When I get to X and I need to enter user name and
password, I have no keyboard. Anything up to that point, the keyboard works.
I can boot in fail safe (safe settings) and go into root and the keyboard


Since I am rather new to Linux, I am lost here. Anyone have an idea as to
how I can fix this? The install was so easy and smooth that I am chomping at
the bit to get into Gnome and check this distro out! 


Thanks for any help you can give. Oh, BTW, I did go to Google and seached
around, but, everything is in Russian! :-)




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