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vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru vadim at mail.cytspb.rssi.ru
Wed Aug 13 14:40:29 MSD 2003

>> And this should be easily repairable - just set up the (server and forum)
>So go ahead and do it.  

Ergh... Who will pay for bandwidth? I am not even a system administrator.
Just plain "PhD in bilology". The maximum what I can do myself  seems to 
be a moderator in such forum.  

Of course, I *can* try to speak to our Institute sys.admin about letting me 
run the "Linux for scientists" forum. Our IP's are "real". But most likely I will 
fail. Maybe not, don't know - till mid-Semptember, when our Institute will 
held the Sci.Council to discuss the WWW site design etc... Maybe there will 
be the place for such forum on the server.

>It's a bit harder to make it *really* work -- not technically, but as a 
>rare person able to answer the question will ever *see* it there

It's a moderator's work, as far as I do understand it. Strict moderation, 
unregistered users can post only in special places... no "flame/flood/offtopic" 

> PS: I believe you could try to help Alexey Lubimov (avl at altlinux)
> with developing "public question" part of atmsk.ru forum.  And it

Could you drop a couple of words - what should be done? Translation of 
some text to English, or what? 

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