[Comm-en] First encounter - problems and questions (longish)

Vahur Lokk vlokk at hot.ee
Sun Apr 27 17:36:49 MSD 2003

Vitaly Lipatov wrote:

> # apt-cdrom add
Good. Never worked with apt before. Need to do more reading.

>>7. OpenOffice menu fonts look ugly like death. Document fonts
>>are OK.
> Check Font Replacement in Tools->Options menu.
Tried to change Andale Sans UI with other fonts. No use. Actually I 
would not even bother if not for the huge contrast between beautiful 
antialiased fonts everywhere else and staircase-looking uglies in OOo 

One more problem. I use Estonian keyboard. Control Center allows to set 
Estonian keyboard, but this seems to apply only in some apps not 
globally. What is the problem?


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