[Comm-en] First encounter - problems and questions (longish)

Vitaly Lipatov LAV at VL3143.spb.edu
Sun Apr 27 11:53:00 MSD 2003

On 26 Апрель 2003 18:10, Vahur Lokk wrote:
> 4. Package management. Installation procedure used only first
> CD. But synaptic does not acknowledge CDs as an installation
> source at all. How can I set CD (or any other local folder) as
> a source for synaptic? I never install from net because of
> very slow connection!
# apt-cdrom add

> 6. This Eng-Rus dictionary, wish, does nothing else but eats
> 99% of CPU but never starts. I thought it might be really nice
> to have.
It is a bug. Please select any word by mouse before mova (wish) 

> 7. OpenOffice menu fonts look ugly like death. Document fonts
> are OK.
Check Font Replacement in Tools->Options menu.

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