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JT jt.johnston at null.net
Thu Apr 24 21:56:31 MSD 2003

First, some kudos, you have done an AWESOME job on Junior 2.2!!! and I recommend it every chance that I can. It's the first distro that I have used that has been able to successfully communicate to Windowed printers, the net, and my local net without screwing something else up in the process. All my previous computer history has been with Micro$oft and a brief excursion in the Wang arena.

My question is related to file sharing within a single workstation (and eventually across a lan). I have files I would like to be able to share among all users and also some that I would like restricted to just a few users. What do I need to set this up?

When selecting Control Center - Network - File Sharing - Admin Mode, I am told that SMB and NFS servers are not installed on this machine, they must be installed. 

How?  Where can I find them? 

Maybe the answer is in the help file, but my fluency in Russian is even less than my fluency in Linux...

Thanks again for a great product, let's get it going successfully here in America as well!

J T Johnston
Seattle, WA

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