[Comm-en] HSFLinModem Driver

cornet cornet at altlinux.ru
Fri Apr 11 12:59:34 MSD 2003

jordanp at look.ca wrote:
> Hi, I have recently installed this driver, and whenever I try to set it up
> (hsfconfig) i get a message that the package doesn't have the modules for
> my system.  I have installed the kernel update 2.4.20-alt7-up, the
> hsflinmodem_kernel-up modules for 2.4.20-alt7-up, and the hsflinmodem
> driver itself.  However, whenever I try to hsfconfig, it gives me the
> error that it doesn't have the modules for my system.  Does anybody know
> how to remedy this?  Thanks for any help,

For configuration hardware you can use comand:

service kudzu start

man kudzu

Vlasenko Oleg.
Technical support department ALT Linux Team.
mailto:cornet at altlinux.ru

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