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Sergey a_s_y на sama.ru
Пн Авг 12 13:03:28 MSK 2013

On Wednesday 29 July 2009, JaMm wrote:

> Пришла новая ИБП smart ups 3000 rt с новым интерфейсом (rj-45
> на ИБП com в ПК). Демон apcupsd отказывается стартовать, выдавая
> ошибку : 

Возможно, скоро будет счастье (если у старых моделей с Microlink
удастся фирмварь обновить; для новых UPS, очевидно, будет без


| Subject: [Apcupsd-users] MODBUS UPS protocol
| From: Adam Kropelin <akropel1 на ro...> - 2013-08-05 14:19
| Last week APC publicly released documentation[1] on a new UPS control and
| monitoring protocol, loosely referred to as MODBUS (after the historic
| industrial control protocol it is based on). The new protocol operates over
| RS232 serial lines as well as USB connections and is intended to supplement
| APC's proprietary Microlink protocol. Microlink is not going away, but APC
| has realized that third parties require access to UPS status and control
| information. Rather than publicly open Microlink, they have created another
| protocol to operate along side it.

С уважением, Сергей
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