[Sysadmins] Не стартует libvirtd

Anton Gorlov stalker на altlinux.ru
Пт Сен 9 12:16:11 UTC 2011

09.09.2011 11:31, Sergey пишет:
> не обнаруживаются. С 2.6.32-ovz-el-alt27 тоже работает. Кстати, память виртуальные
> сервера откусывают всю и сразу, или как-то можно сделать так, чтобы память
> потреблялась по мере необходимости ?

Смотрите в сторону baloon
Is dynamic memory management for guests supported?
This is a broad topic covering a few areas.

A. KVM only allocates memory as the guest tries to use it. Once it's 
allocated, KVM keeps it. Some guests (namely Microsoft guests) zero all 
memory at boot time. So they will use all memory.

B. Certain guests (only Linux at the moment) have a balloon driver, so 
the host can have the guest allocate a certain amount of memory which 
the guest won't be able to use anymore and it can then be freed on the 
host. Ballooning is controlled in the host via the balloon monitor command.

C. Some hosts (presently only RHEL5.4 / CentOS 5.4) have a feature 
called KSM (Kernel Sharedpage Merging), which collapses together 
identical pages; this requires kernel support on the host, as well as a 
kvm new enough to opt in to the behavior. As some guest platforms (most 
notably Windows) zero out free'd memory, such pages are trivially 
collapsed. The ksmctl command needs to be used to enable KSM; 
alternately, the ksmtuned service found in Fedora 12 can be run to 
dynamically adjust KSM's aggressiveness based on the amount of free 
memory available

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