[Sysadmins] SI: e100 => local kernel privilege escalation

Michael Shigorin =?iso-8859-1?q?mike_=CE=C1_osdn=2Eorg=2Eua?=
Чт Дек 7 12:28:13 MSK 2006

A vulnerability exists in all PCI, PCI-X and PCIe Intel network
adapter drivers that could allow unprivileged code executing on
an affected system to perform a local privilege escalation.

This vulnerability is due to a buffer overflow that could be
caused by incorrect use of a function call. This condition could
allow unauthorized code to be introduced that could be run with
kernel-level privileges.

e100:  vulnerable <= 3.5.14, fixed >= 3.5.17
e1000: vulnerable <= 7.2.7,  fixed >= 7.3.15


2 vsu: получится ли выпустить обновление ядра для ALM2.4?
(или самому собирать vs-smp)

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