[Sysadmins] q: apache-1.3 in backports/2.4

Michael Shigorin =?iso-8859-1?q?mike_=CE=C1_osdn=2Eorg=2Eua?=
Сб Авг 5 16:48:11 MSD 2006

Кто-нибудь кроме меня использует сборку apache из backports/2.4?
От той, что в updates, она наиболее сильно отличается этим:

* Wed Aug 24 2005 Michael Shigorin <mike на altlinux> 1.3.33rusPL30.20-alt2.M24.1
- built for ALM2.4 (see alt3 changelog below!)

* Wed Aug 24 2005 Michael Shigorin <mike на altlinux> 1.3.33rusPL30.20-alt3
- exchanged httpd and httpd-perl startup/shutdown order;
  see README.ALT for further details on mod_perl setup (#4994, #6437)
  thanks combr@, tma@, solo@, Ivan Adzhubey for discussion and fixes
  (you *will* need to chkconfig them on for this to apply)
- rolled back #2928 workarounds (should be unneeded)
- hard kill remaining processes after normal stop() part
- fixed #6351 (delaycompress in logrotate; may influence #3153)
  thanks dfo@, sorry ldv@
- fixed a transition bug in /etc/init.d/httpd::conftest()
- UseCanonicalName Off in httpd{,-perl}.conf (#7704)
- updated and extended README.ALT
- Thu Feb 17 2005
  + added missing NameVirtualHost directive to default Vhosts.conf
- Sat Feb 12 2005
  + Vhosts.conf thinko fix suggested by Alexey Morozov (morozov@)
    (Aug 24: could have lost that.... can't remember details now)
- Sat Jan 29 2005
  + macros extended (see README.ALT); also #1735, #5634, #5989
  + re-fixed #4235 (weird hostname hack)
  + implemented separate TMPDIR (addon modules should follow) (#5989)
  + disabled mod_charset for mod_perl (hm... #2941-related)
  + commented out "AddDefaultCharset iso8859-1" by default (#5754)
  + added %apache_vhostdir and %apache_vhconfdir (#5634)
  + upped HARD_SERVER_LIMIT from 256 to 1024 (#5748; needs additional
    /etc/security/limits.conf tweaking to actually happen)
  + changed %suexec_docroot from /home to /var/www (#2461)
  + changed suexec binary permissions (see #5309)
    from 4711 root:root
      to 4710 root:apache
  + changed TMPDIR in initscripts to use more specific location than /tmp
    so that you can restrict apache access to that by ACL and further
    configure php and other software running as apache (#5989)
  + added patch to consult POSIX ACLs on CGI execution decision
    (#4987; disabled by default, build --with acl_support to enable)

Соответственно с одной стороны -- не совсем хорошо выкатывать не
связанные напрямую с безопасностью или критическими проблемами
изменения в updates, с другой -- каждая строчка тут имеет

Проблема в том, что мне технически неудобно вести две ветки для
2.4, есть риск "загрязнения" и больше мороки.  Но на сейчас
склоняюсь к тому, чтобы всё-таки дырки и улучшения раздельно.

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