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Пн Июн 29 17:25:27 MSK 2015

2015-06-29 14:26 GMT+02:00 Alexey Shabalin <a.shabalin на gmail.com>:
> День добрый.
> В сизифе появился пакет edk2-ovmf. Это "bios" для UEFI. Теперь можно
> запускать виртуальные машины под qemu(kvm) в режиме UEFI.

License: BSD в пакете требует уточнений т.к. пакет содержит драйвер FAT:
"The FAT-Driver project is sponsored by Intel and released under the
BSD License with one additional term.
Before using the code please read the license below, paying special
attention to the "Additional Terms" section:"

В License.txt указаны эти самые additional terms:

Additional terms: In addition to the forgoing, redistribution and use
of the code is conditioned upon the FAT 32 File System Driver and all
derivative works thereof being used for and designed only to read
and/or write to a file system that is directly managed by Intel's
Extensible Firmware Initiative (EFI) Specification v. 1.0 and later
and/or the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) Forum's UEFI
Specifications v.2.0 and later (together the "UEFI Specifications");
only as necessary to emulate an implementation of the UEFI Specifications;
and to create firmware, applications, utilities and/or drivers.

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