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Вс Сен 1 18:34:00 MSK 2013

Дмитрий, добрый день!

В сообщении от [18 августа 2013] вы написали:

> Надо будет посмотреть что да как.

интересная переписка в news://news.digitalmars.com /digitalmars.D.announce 
Arch Linux D news digest, в том числе:

2) `gdc` package has been added to the [community]. It uses 4.8.1

3) All D compilers now have common naming/path convention.

5) More preparations for shared library support. `libphobos`
package currently contains only libphobos.so (with fixed SONAME)
and is intended to be used as a dependency for user applications.
Static library and import sources are available via
`libphobos-devel`. GDC and LDC currently have only "-devel"
versions of phobos as they don't seem to provide share one (I
will be happy to add one if I am wrong).

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