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Michael Shigorin mike на osdn.org.ua
Пт Ноя 16 00:48:02 MSK 2012

Пробежало в новостях SF -- похоже на достаточно любопытное
приобретение для сизифа и далее бранчей, но для сборки придётся
провернуть ещё кусок работы по библиотекам:


Сама сборка тоже подсказывает, что в проекте есть русские:


Результат два года тому уже был впечатляющим:


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Subject: Rigs of Rods Is POTM [...]


Rigs of Rods Is Project of the Month

After four months of thoroughly practice POTMs, it's time for something fun. November's Project of the Month is Rigs of Rods. ( http://newsletter.sourceforge.net/ct.html?ufl=e&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1952e,10s8,jy0n,cfhy,jpdt,czs1 ) Rigs of Rods is a softbody physics simulator. To physicists, that means that it simulates the way that most objects, like, say, cars and trucks, are constructed of mass points, rather than being a single solid block. To the rest of us, that means that Rigs of Rods is a cool game where you can watch what happens when you crash those cars and trucks into things.

RoR has a huge user community around it ( http://newsletter.sourceforge.net/ct.html?ufl=e&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1952e,10s8,8oxf,kdxi,jpdt,czs1 )--people who are passionate about creating models of their favorite vehicles, including planes, boats, and trains, as well as cars and trucks. And because physics doesn't lie, these vehicles behave just as they would in the real world. You can see some great videos of this on YouTube ( http://newsletter.sourceforge.net/ct.html?ufl=e&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1952e,10s8,1gqs,8j0f,jpdt,czs1 ). Then, go download RoR and play with it yourself at http://newsletter.sourceforge.net/ct.html?ufl=e&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1952e,10s8,i5as,4llt,jpdt,czs1

Looking forward, we have some great candidates on the ballot for the December Project of the Month. Please have a look at them, and go vote! http://newsletter.sourceforge.net/ct.html?ufl=e&rtr=on&s=x8pb08,1952e,10s8,e68z,36c7,jpdt,czs1


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