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  В сообщении от 18 марта 2009 Denis G. Samsonenko написал(a):
 > День добрый!
 > Не подскажет ли кто, какой пакет предоставляет ghc(base)?
apt-cache search ghc
ghc - Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
ghc-binary - Binary serialization for Haskell values using lazy 
ghc-html - HTML combinator library
ghc-http - A library for client-side HTTP
ghc-libghc - GHC inside a library
ghc-mtl - Monad transformer library
ghc-network - networking-related facilities
ghc-opengl - A binding for the OpenGL graphics system
ghc-parsec - Monadic parser combinators
ghc-prof - Profiling libraries for GHC
ghc-quickcheck - Automatic testing of Haskell programs
ghc-regex-base - Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
ghc-regex-compat - Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
ghc-regex-posix - Replaces/Enhances Text.Regex
ghc-stm - Software Transactional Memory
ghc-time - time library
ghc-utf8-string - Support for reading and writing UTF8 Strings
ghc-utf8-string-prof - Profiling libraries for ghc-utf8-string
ghc-zlib - Compression and decompression in the gzip and zlib 

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