[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#97791] sisyphus_mipsel FAILED srpm=python3-module-hamcrest-2.0.4-alt1.src.rpm

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Sat Jun 24 19:51:16 MSK 2023


2023-Jun-24 16:49:57 :: shared task #97791 for sisyphus_mipsel started by recycler:
#100 build python3-module-hamcrest-2.0.4-alt1.src.rpm
2023-Jun-24 16:49:58 :: [mipsel] #100 python3-module-hamcrest-2.0.4-alt1.src.rpm: build start
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libmpdec3-2.5.1-alt3 sisyphus_mipsel+92946.100.1.1 1675621075 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libgdbm-1.8.3-alt10 sisyphus_mipsel+66471.1600.1.1 1626638557 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libexpat-2.5.0-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+89790.100.1.1 1667138163 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libb2-0.98.1-alt1_1 sisyphus_mipsel+74476.100.1.1 1638964458 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libp11-kit-0.24.1-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+76222.100.1.1 1642563530 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libtasn1-4.19.0-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+97755.100.1.1 1687610583 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: rpm-macros-alternatives-0.5.2-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+93335.100.1.1 1676504549 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: alternatives-0.5.2-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+93335.100.1.1 1676504549 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: ca-certificates-2022.09.15-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+88341.200.1.1 1663348615 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: ca-trust-0.1.4-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+89452.100.1.1 1666219028 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: p11-kit-trust-0.24.1-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+76222.100.1.1 1642563530 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libcrypto1.1-1.1.1u-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+97046.100.1.1 1685517942 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: libssl1.1-1.1.1u-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+97046.100.1.1 1685517942 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:06 rpmi: python3-3.11.4-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+97657.100.1.1 1687434299 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: python3-base-3.11.4-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+97657.100.1.1 1687434299 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: python3-module-pyproject-installer-0.5.0-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+95328.100.1.1 1681733880 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: rpm-macros-pyproject-0.0.3-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+95512.100.1.1 1682025875 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: tests-for-installed-python3-pkgs-0.1.22-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+95857.100.1.1 1683367533 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: rpm-build-python3-0.1.22-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+95857.100.1.1 1683367533 installed
<13>Jun 24 16:51:09 rpmi: rpm-build-pyproject-0.0.3-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+95512.100.1.1 1682025875 installed
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark python3-module-hatch-vcs
MI2a:  target python3(setuptools_scm)
MI2a:   mark python3-module-setuptools_scm
MI2a:    target python3-module-packaging
MI2a:     mark python3-module-packaging
MI2a:    target python3-module-setuptools
MI2a:     mark python3-module-setuptools
MI2a:      target python3-dev
MI2a:       mark python3-dev
MI2a:        target libncurses-devel
MI2a:         mark libncurses-devel
MI2a:          target libtinfo-devel
MI2a:           mark libtinfo-devel
MI2a:          target libncurses
MI2a:           mark libncurses
MI2a:        target libpython3
MI2a:         mark libpython3
MI2a:      target python3-module-pkg_resources
MI2a:       mark python3-module-pkg_resources
MI2a:    target python3-module-typing-extensions
MI2a:     mark python3-module-typing_extensions
MI2a:    target git-core
MI2a:     mark git-core
MI2a:      target diffstat
MI2a:       mark diffstat
MI2a:      target less
MI2a:       mark less
MI2a:      target openssh-clients
MI2a:       mark openssh-clients
MI2a:        target libedit.so.3
MI2a:         mark libedit3
MI2a:        target libgssapi_krb5.so.2
MI2a:         mark libkrb5
MI2a:          target libcom_err.so.2
MI2a:           mark libcom_err
MI2a:          target libkeyutils.so.1
MI2a:           mark libkeyutils
MI2a:          target liblmdb.so.0
MI2a:           mark liblmdb
MI2a:          target libverto.so.1
MI2a:           mark libverto
MI2a:        target openssh-common
MI2a:         mark openssh-common
MI2a:      target rsync
MI2a:       mark rsync
MI2a:        target liblz4.so.1
MI2a:         mark liblz4
MI2a:        target libxxhash.so.0
MI2a:         mark libxxhash
MI2a:      target libcurl.so.4
MI2a:       mark libcurl
MI2a:        target libbrotlidec.so.1
MI2a:         mark libbrotlidec
MI2a:          target libbrotlicommon
MI2a:           mark libbrotlicommon
MI2a:        target libgnutls.so.30
MI2a:         mark libgnutls30
MI2a:          target libhogweed.so.6
MI2a:           mark libhogweed6
MI2a:            target libnettle8
MI2a:             mark libnettle8
MI2a:          target libidn2.so.0
MI2a:           mark libidn2
MI2a:        target libgsasl.so.7
MI2a:         mark libgsasl
MI2a:          target libidn.so.12
MI2a:           mark libidn
MI2a:          target libntlm.so.0
MI2a:           mark libntlm
MI2a:        target liblber-2.4.so.2
MI2a:         mark libldap
MI2a:          target libsasl2.so.3
MI2a:           mark libsasl2-3
MI2a:          target openldap-common
MI2a:           mark openldap-common
MI2a:        target libnghttp2.so.14
MI2a:         mark libnghttp2
MI2a:        target libnghttp3.so.3
MI2a:         mark libnghttp3
MI2a:        target libngtcp2.so.12
MI2a:         mark libngtcp2
MI2a:        target libpsl.so.5
MI2a:         mark libpsl
MI2a:          target publicsuffix-list-dafsa
MI2a:           mark publicsuffix-list-dafsa
MI2a:        target libssh2.so.1
MI2a:         mark libssh2
MI2a:    target mercurial
MI2a:     mark mercurial
MI2a:      target python3(cffi)
MI2a:       mark python3-module-cffi
MI2a:        target python3(pycparser)
MI2a:         mark python3-module-pycparser
MI2a:  target python3(hatchling.builders.hooks.plugin.interface)
MI2a:   mark python3-module-hatchling
MI2a:    target python3-module-editables
MI2a:     mark python3-module-editables
MI2a:    target python3-module-pathspec
MI2a:     mark python3-module-pathspec
MI2a:    target python3-module-pluggy
MI2a:     mark python3-module-pluggy
MI2a:    target python3-module-trove-classifiers
MI2a:     mark python3-module-trove-classifiers
MI2a: mark python3-module-pytest
MI2a:  target python3-module-iniconfig
MI2a:   mark python3-module-iniconfig
MI2a: mark python3-module-pytest-sugar
MI2a:  target python3(py)
MI2a:   mark python3-module-py
MI2a:    target python3(apipkg)
MI2a:     mark python3-module-apipkg
MI2a:  target python3(termcolor)
MI2a:   mark python3-module-termcolor
MI2a: mark python3-module-pytest-xdist
MI2a:  target python3-module-execnet
MI2a:   mark python3-module-execnet
MI2a:    target python3(servicemanager)
MI2a:     mark python3-module-servicemanager
MI2a:      target python3(argcomplete)
MI2a:       mark python3-module-argcomplete
MI2a:      target python3(bottle)
MI2a:       mark python3-module-bottle
MI2a:      target python3(prettytable)
MI2a:       mark python3-module-prettytable
MI2a:        target python3(wcwidth)
MI2a:         mark python3-module-wcwidth
MI2a:      target python3(pymongo)
MI2a:       mark python3-module-pymongo
MI2a:        target python3(OpenSSL)
MI2a:         mark python3-module-openssl
MI2a:          target python3(cryptography)
MI2a:           mark python3-module-cryptography
MI2a:        target python3(requests)
MI2a:         mark python3-module-requests
MI2a:          target python3-module-charset-normalizer
MI2a:           mark python3-module-charset-normalizer
MI2a:          target python3-module-idna
MI2a:           mark python3-module-idna
MI2a:          target python3-module-urllib3
MI2a:           mark python3-module-urllib3
MI2a:            target python3-module-six
MI2a:             mark python3-module-six
MI2a:        target python3(service_identity)
MI2a:         mark python3-module-service_identity
MI2a:          target python3(attr)
MI2a:           mark python3-module-attrs
MI2a:          target python3(pyasn1.codec.der.decoder)
MI2a:           mark python3-module-pyasn1
MI2a:          target python3(pyasn1_modules.rfc2459)
MI2a:           mark python3-module-pyasn1-modules
MI2a:        target python3-module-bson
MI2a:         mark python3-module-bson
rpm-build-pyproject is already the newest version.
E: Couldn't find package python3-module-types-mock
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2023-Jun-24 16:51:15 :: [mipsel] python3-module-hamcrest-2.0.4-alt1.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2023-Jun-24 16:51:15 :: [mipsel] #100 python3-module-hamcrest-2.0.4-alt1.src.rpm: build FAILED
2023-Jun-24 16:51:15 :: [mipsel] requesting cancellation of task processing
2023-Jun-24 16:51:15 :: [mipsel] build FAILED
2023-Jun-24 16:51:15 :: task #97791 for sisyphus_mipsel FAILED

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