[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#59203] sisyphus_mipsel FAILED srpm=seatd- srpm=wlroots-0.12.0-alt1.src.rpm ...

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Sat Mar 27 17:52:20 MSK 2021


2021-Mar-27 14:46:52 :: task #59203 for sisyphus_mipsel started by recycler:
#100 build seatd-
#200 build wlroots-0.12.0-alt1.src.rpm
#300 build hikari-2.2.2-alt3.src.rpm
#400 build sway-1.5.1-alt1.src.rpm
2021-Mar-27 14:47:03 :: created build repo
2021-Mar-27 14:47:07 :: [mipsel] #100 seatd- build start
2021-Mar-27 14:49:03 :: [mipsel] #100 seatd- build OK
2021-Mar-27 14:49:03 :: [mipsel] #200 wlroots-0.12.0-alt1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-27 14:51:52 :: [mipsel] #200 wlroots-0.12.0-alt1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-27 14:51:52 :: [mipsel] #300 hikari-2.2.2-alt3.src.rpm: build start
warning: Macro %cc_compilers not found
warning: Macro %cxx_compilers not found
warning: Macro %cc_compilers not found
warning: Macro %cxx_compilers not found
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark libinput-devel
MI2a:  target libudev-devel
MI2a:   mark libudev-devel
MI2a:  target libinput
MI2a:   mark libinput
MI2a:    target /lib/udev/rules.d
MI2a:     mark udev-rules
MI2a:    target libevdev.so.2
MI2a:     mark libevdev
MI2a:    target libmtdev.so.1
MI2a:     mark libmtdev
MI2a:    target libwacom.so.2
MI2a:     mark libwacom
MI2a:      target libgudev-1.0.so.0
MI2a:       mark libgudev
MI2a:      target python3
MI2a:       mark python3
MI2a:        target python3-base
MI2a:         mark python3-base
MI2a:          target libcrypto.so.1.1
MI2a:           mark libcrypto1.1
MI2a:            target ca-certificates
MI2a:             mark ca-certificates
MI2a:              target ca-trust
MI2a:               mark ca-trust
MI2a:                target p11-kit-trust
MI2a:                 mark p11-kit-trust
MI2a:                  target /etc/alternatives/packages.d
MI2a:                   mark alternatives
MI2a:                    target rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:                     mark rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:                  target libtasn1.so.6
MI2a:                   mark libtasn1
MI2a:                  target libp11-kit
MI2a:                   mark libp11-kit
MI2a:          target libexpat.so.1
MI2a:           mark libexpat
MI2a:          target libgdbm.so.3
MI2a:           mark libgdbm
MI2a:          target libssl.so.1.1
MI2a:           mark libssl1.1
MI2a:        target libpython3
MI2a:         mark libpython3
MI2a:      target libwacom-data
MI2a:       mark libwacom-data
MI2a: mark libpam0-devel
MI2a:  target rpm-macros-pam0
MI2a:   mark rpm-macros-pam0
MI2a: mark libpango-devel
MI2a:  target fontconfig-devel
MI2a:   mark fontconfig-devel
MI2a:    target libfreetype-devel
MI2a:     mark libfreetype-devel
MI2a:      target libharfbuzz-devel
MI2a:       mark libharfbuzz-devel
MI2a:        target glib2-devel
MI2a:         mark glib2-devel
MI2a:          target rpm-build-gir
MI2a:           mark rpm-build-gir
MI2a:            target xml-utils
MI2a:             mark xml-utils
MI2a:        target libgraphite2-devel
MI2a:         mark libgraphite2-devel
MI2a:          target libgraphite2
MI2a:           mark libgraphite2
MI2a:        target libicu-devel
MI2a:         mark libicu-devel
MI2a:          target icu-utils
MI2a:           mark icu-utils
MI2a:            target libicu67
MI2a:             mark libicu67
MI2a:        target libharfbuzz-icu
MI2a:         mark libharfbuzz-icu
MI2a:          target libharfbuzz
MI2a:           mark libharfbuzz
MI2a:            target libfreetype.so.6
MI2a:             mark libfreetype
MI2a:              target libbrotlidec.so.1
MI2a:               mark libbrotlidec
MI2a:                target libbrotlicommon
MI2a:                 mark libbrotlicommon
MI2a:              target libpng16.so.16
MI2a:               mark libpng16
MI2a:        target libharfbuzz-gobject
MI2a:         mark libharfbuzz-gobject
MI2a:    target fontconfig
MI2a:     mark fontconfig
MI2a:  target libX11-devel
MI2a:   mark libX11-devel
MI2a:    target libxcb-devel
MI2a:     mark libxcb-devel
MI2a:      target libxcb
MI2a:       mark libxcb
MI2a:        target libXau.so.6
MI2a:         mark libXau
MI2a:        target libXdmcp.so.6
MI2a:         mark libXdmcp
MI2a:    target pkgconfig(kbproto)
MI2a:     mark xorg-proto-devel
MI2a:    target libX11
MI2a:     mark libX11
MI2a:      target libX11-locales
MI2a:       mark libX11-locales
MI2a:  target libXft-devel
MI2a:   mark libXft-devel
MI2a:    target libXrender-devel
MI2a:     mark libXrender-devel
MI2a:      target libXrender
MI2a:       mark libXrender
MI2a:    target libXft
MI2a:     mark libXft
MI2a:  target libcairo-devel
MI2a:   mark libcairo-devel
MI2a:    target libEGL-devel
MI2a:     mark libEGL-devel
MI2a:      target libglvnd-devel
MI2a:       mark libglvnd-devel
MI2a:        target libOpenGL
MI2a:         mark libOpenGL
MI2a:          target libglvnd
MI2a:           mark libglvnd
MI2a:        target libGLES
MI2a:         mark libGLES
MI2a:        target libEGL
MI2a:         mark libEGL
MI2a:          target libEGL-mesa
MI2a:           mark libEGL-mesa
MI2a:            target libdrm.so.2
MI2a:             mark libdrm
MI2a:            target libwayland-client.so.0
MI2a:             mark libwayland-client
MI2a:            target libwayland-server.so.0
MI2a:             mark libwayland-server
MI2a:            target libGLX-mesa
MI2a:             mark libGLX-mesa
MI2a:              target libXdamage.so.1
MI2a:               mark libXdamage
MI2a:              target libXext.so.6
MI2a:               mark libXext
MI2a:              target libXfixes.so.3
MI2a:               mark libXfixes
MI2a:              target libXxf86vm.so.1
MI2a:               mark libXxf86vm
MI2a:              target libxshmfence.so.1
MI2a:               mark libxshmfence
MI2a:            target libgbm
MI2a:             mark libgbm
MI2a:        target libGL
MI2a:         mark libGL
MI2a:          target libGLX
MI2a:           mark libGLX
MI2a:    target libGL-devel
MI2a:     mark libGL-devel
MI2a:    target pkgconfig(libpng)
MI2a:     mark libpng16-devel
MI2a:      target zlib-devel
MI2a:       mark zlib-devel
MI2a:    target pkgconfig(xext)
MI2a:     mark libXext-devel
MI2a:      target libXau-devel
MI2a:       mark libXau-devel
MI2a:    target libcairo
MI2a:     mark libcairo
MI2a:      target libpixman-1.so.0
MI2a:       mark libpixman
MI2a:  target libpango
MI2a:   mark libpango
MI2a:    target libfribidi.so.0
MI2a:     mark libfribidi
MI2a:    target libgio-2.0.so.0
MI2a:     mark libgio
MI2a:      target gsettings-desktop-schemas
MI2a:       mark gsettings-desktop-schemas
MI2a:        target gsettings-desktop-schemas-data
MI2a:         mark gsettings-desktop-schemas-data
MI2a:      target shared-mime-info
MI2a:       mark shared-mime-info
MI2a:    target libthai.so.0
MI2a:     mark libthai
MI2a:      target libdatrie.so.1
MI2a:       mark libdatrie
Selecting libpam0-devel for 'libpam-devel'
E: Couldn't find package libucl5-devel
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2021-Mar-27 14:52:20 :: [mipsel] hikari-2.2.2-alt3.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2021-Mar-27 14:52:20 :: [mipsel] #300 hikari-2.2.2-alt3.src.rpm: build FAILED
2021-Mar-27 14:52:20 :: [mipsel] requesting cancellation of task processing
2021-Mar-27 14:52:20 :: [mipsel] build FAILED
2021-Mar-27 14:52:20 :: task #59203 for sisyphus_mipsel FAILED

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