[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#59146] sisyphus_mipsel FAILED srpm=slic3r-1.3.0-alt3_19.src.rpm

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Sat Mar 27 14:40:14 MSK 2021


2021-Mar-27 11:39:43 :: task #59146 for sisyphus_mipsel started by recycler:
#100 build slic3r-1.3.0-alt3_19.src.rpm
2021-Mar-27 11:39:44 :: [mipsel] #100 slic3r-1.3.0-alt3_19.src.rpm: build start
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark boost-devel
MI2a:  target boost-devel-headers
MI2a:   mark boost-devel-headers
MI2a:  target libboost_atomic1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_atomic1.75.0
MI2a:    target libboost_system1.75.0
MI2a:     mark libboost_system1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_container1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_container1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_contract1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_contract1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_date_time1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_date_time1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_graph1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_graph1.75.0
MI2a:    target libboost_regex1.75.0
MI2a:     mark libboost_regex1.75.0
MI2a:      target libicui18n.so.67
MI2a:       mark libicu67
MI2a:  target libboost_json1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_json1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_iostreams1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_iostreams1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_random1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_random1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_serialization1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_serialization1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_test1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_test1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_timer1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_timer1.75.0
MI2a:    target libboost_chrono1.75.0
MI2a:     mark libboost_chrono1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_nowide1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_nowide1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_stacktrace1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_stacktrace1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_fiber1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_fiber1.75.0
MI2a:    target libboost_context1.75.0
MI2a:     mark libboost_context1.75.0
MI2a:  target libboost_type_erasure1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_type_erasure1.75.0
MI2a:    target libboost_thread1.75.0
MI2a:     mark libboost_thread1.75.0
MI2a: mark boost-filesystem-devel
MI2a:  target libboost_filesystem1.75.0
MI2a:   mark libboost_filesystem1.75.0
MI2a: mark perl-Class-Accessor
MI2a:  target perl-Sub-Name
MI2a:   mark perl-Sub-Name
MI2a: mark perl-Encode
MI2a:  target perl(Filter/Util/Call.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Filter
MI2a: mark perl-IO-All
MI2a:  target perl-Tie-File
MI2a:   mark perl-Tie-File
MI2a:  target perl(File/Copy/Recursive.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-File-Copy-Recursive
MI2a:  target perl(File/MimeInfo.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-File-MimeInfo
MI2a:    target perl(File/BaseDir.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-File-BaseDir
MI2a:      target perl(IPC/System/Simple.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-IPC-System-Simple
MI2a:    target perl(File/DesktopEntry.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-File-DesktopEntry
MI2a:      target perl(URI/Escape.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-URI
MI2a:        target perl(Net/Domain.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-libnet
MI2a:  target perl(File/ReadBackwards.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-File-ReadBackwards
MI2a: mark perl-libwww
MI2a:  target perl(Data/Dump.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Data-Dump
MI2a:    target perl(Term/ANSIColor.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-Term-ANSIColor
MI2a:  target perl(Encode/Locale.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Encode-Locale
MI2a:  target perl(File/Listing.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-File-Listing
MI2a:    target perl(HTTP/Date.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-HTTP-Date
MI2a:  target perl(HTML/Entities.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-HTML-Parser
MI2a:    target perl(HTML/Tagset.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-HTML-Tagset
MI2a:  target perl(HTTP/Config.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-HTTP-Message
MI2a:    target perl(IO/Compress/Bzip2.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-IO-Compress
MI2a:      target perl(Compress/Raw/Bzip2.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2
MI2a:      target perl(Compress/Raw/Zlib.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib
MI2a:    target perl(IO/HTML.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-IO-HTML
MI2a:    target perl(LWP/MediaTypes.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-LWP-MediaTypes
MI2a:  target perl(HTTP/Cookies.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-HTTP-Cookies
MI2a:  target perl(HTTP/Negotiate.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-HTTP-Negotiate
MI2a:  target perl(Net/HTTP.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Net-HTTP
MI2a:    target perl(IO/Socket/IP.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-IO-Socket-IP
MI2a:  target perl(Try/Tiny.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Try-Tiny
MI2a:  target perl(WWW/RobotRules.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-WWW-RobotRules
MI2a: mark perl-OpenGL
MI2a:  target libGL.so.1
MI2a:   mark libGL
MI2a:    target libGLX
MI2a:     mark libGLX
MI2a:      target libGLX-mesa
MI2a:       mark libGLX-mesa
MI2a:        target libX11-xcb.so.1
MI2a:         mark libX11
MI2a:          target libxcb.so.1
MI2a:           mark libxcb
MI2a:            target libXau.so.6
MI2a:             mark libXau
MI2a:            target libXdmcp.so.6
MI2a:             mark libXdmcp
MI2a:          target libX11-locales
MI2a:           mark libX11-locales
MI2a:        target libXdamage.so.1
MI2a:         mark libXdamage
MI2a:        target libXext.so.6
MI2a:         mark libXext
MI2a:        target libXfixes.so.3
MI2a:         mark libXfixes
MI2a:        target libXxf86vm.so.1
MI2a:         mark libXxf86vm
MI2a:        target libdrm.so.2
MI2a:         mark libdrm
MI2a:        target libexpat.so.1
MI2a:         mark libexpat
MI2a:        target libxshmfence.so.1
MI2a:         mark libxshmfence
MI2a:      target libglvnd
MI2a:       mark libglvnd
MI2a:  target libGLU.so.1
MI2a:   mark libGLU
MI2a:  target libglut.so.3
MI2a:   mark libfreeglut
MI2a:    target libXi.so.6
MI2a:     mark libXi
MI2a:    target libXrandr.so.2
MI2a:     mark libXrandr
MI2a:      target libXrender.so.1
MI2a:       mark libXrender
MI2a: mark perl-PDF-API2
MI2a:  target perl(Font/TTF/Font.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-Font-TTF
MI2a:    target perl(IO/String.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-IO-String
MI2a:    target perl(XML/Parser/Expat.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-XML-Parser
MI2a:  target perl(Unicode/UCD.pm)
MI2a:   mark perl-unicore
MI2a:    target perl-Unicode-Normalize
MI2a:     mark perl-Unicode-Normalize
rpm-build-perl is already the newest version.
Selecting desktop-file-utils for '/usr/bin/desktop-file-install'
Selecting perl-Class-Accessor for 'perl(Class/Accessor.pm)'
Selecting perl-Encode for 'perl(Encode.pm)'
Selecting perl-IO-All for 'perl(IO/All.pm)'
Selecting perl-libwww for 'perl(LWP/UserAgent.pm)'
Selecting perl-Math-Complex for 'perl(Math/Trig.pm)'
Selecting perl-OpenGL for 'perl(OpenGL.pm)'
Selecting perl-PDF-API2 for 'perl(PDF/API2.pm)'
E: Couldn't find package perl(WebService/Prowl.pm)
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2021-Mar-27 11:40:14 :: [mipsel] slic3r-1.3.0-alt3_19.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2021-Mar-27 11:40:14 :: [mipsel] #100 slic3r-1.3.0-alt3_19.src.rpm: build FAILED
2021-Mar-27 11:40:14 :: [mipsel] requesting cancellation of task processing
2021-Mar-27 11:40:14 :: [mipsel] build FAILED
2021-Mar-27 11:40:14 :: task #59146 for sisyphus_mipsel FAILED

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