[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#58762] sisyphus_mipsel FAILED (try 2) glibc.git=2.32-alt2.0.mips1 srpm=valgrind-3.16.1-alt1.src.rpm ...

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Tue Mar 16 20:27:05 MSK 2021


2021-Mar-16 12:47:20 :: task #58762 for sisyphus_mipsel resumed by iv:
#100 build 2.32-alt2.0.mips1 from /people/iv/packages/glibc.git fetched at 2021-Mar-16 11:22:57
#200 build valgrind-3.16.1-alt1.src.rpm from sisyphus_mipsel
#300 build rpm-build-4.0.4-alt164.0.mips1.src.rpm
#400 build elfutils-0.183-alt1.0.mips1.src.rpm
#500 build python3-3.9.2-alt1.src.rpm
#600 build linux-tools-5.11-alt1.src.rpm from sisyphus_mipsel
#700 build nfs-2.5.3-alt1.src.rpm
2021-Mar-16 12:47:31 :: created build repo
2021-Mar-16 12:47:35 :: [mipsel] #100 glibc.git 2.32-alt2.0.mips1: build start
2021-Mar-16 15:01:55 :: [mipsel] #100 glibc.git 2.32-alt2.0.mips1: build OK
2021-Mar-16 15:01:55 :: [mipsel] #200 valgrind-3.16.1-alt1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-16 15:21:14 :: [mipsel] #200 valgrind-3.16.1-alt1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-16 15:21:14 :: [mipsel] #300 rpm-build-4.0.4-alt164.0.mips1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-16 15:25:27 :: [mipsel] #300 rpm-build-4.0.4-alt164.0.mips1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-16 15:25:27 :: [mipsel] #400 elfutils-0.183-alt1.0.mips1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-16 15:34:37 :: [mipsel] #400 elfutils-0.183-alt1.0.mips1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-16 15:34:37 :: [mipsel] #500 python3-3.9.2-alt1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-16 17:16:40 :: [mipsel] #500 python3-3.9.2-alt1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-16 17:16:40 :: [mipsel] #600 linux-tools-5.11-alt1.src.rpm: build start
2021-Mar-16 17:26:37 :: [mipsel] #600 linux-tools-5.11-alt1.src.rpm: build OK
2021-Mar-16 17:26:37 :: [mipsel] #700 nfs-2.5.3-alt1.src.rpm: build start
warning: line 32: Deprecated PreReq converted to Requires(pre,postun): PreReq: shadow-utils
warning: line 33: Deprecated PreReq converted to Requires(pre,postun): PreReq: nfs-utils = 1:2.5.3-alt1
warning: line 43: Deprecated PreReq converted to Requires(pre,postun): PreReq: nfs-clients = 1:2.5.3-alt1
warning: line 51: Deprecated PreReq converted to Requires(pre,postun): PreReq: control
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark libevent-devel
MI2a:  target libevent2.1
MI2a:   mark libevent2.1
MI2a:    target libcrypto.so.1.1
MI2a:     mark libcrypto1.1
MI2a:      target ca-certificates
MI2a:       mark ca-certificates
MI2a:        target ca-trust
MI2a:         mark ca-trust
MI2a:          target p11-kit-trust
MI2a:           mark p11-kit-trust
MI2a:            target /etc/alternatives/packages.d
MI2a:             mark alternatives
MI2a:              target rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:               mark rpm-macros-alternatives
MI2a:            target libtasn1.so.6
MI2a:             mark libtasn1
MI2a:            target libp11-kit
MI2a:             mark libp11-kit
MI2a:    target libssl.so.1.1
MI2a:     mark libssl1.1
MI2a: mark libdevmapper-devel
MI2a:  target libdevmapper
MI2a:   mark libdevmapper
MI2a: mark libkrb5-devel
MI2a:  target libcom_err-devel
MI2a:   mark libcom_err-devel
MI2a:    target libcom_err
MI2a:     mark libcom_err
MI2a:  target libverto-devel
MI2a:   mark libverto-devel
MI2a:    target libverto
MI2a:     mark libverto
MI2a:  target libkrb5-ldap
MI2a:   mark libkrb5-ldap
MI2a:    target libldap-2.4.so.2
MI2a:     mark libldap
MI2a:      target libsasl2.so.3
MI2a:       mark libsasl2-3
MI2a:        target libgssapi_krb5.so.2
MI2a:         mark libkrb5
MI2a:          target libkeyutils.so.1
MI2a:           mark libkeyutils
MI2a:          target liblmdb.so.0
MI2a:           mark liblmdb
MI2a:      target openldap-common
MI2a:       mark openldap-common
MI2a: mark libsqlite3-devel
MI2a:  target libsqlite3
MI2a:   mark libsqlite3
MI2a: mark libtirpc-devel
MI2a:  target libtirpc
MI2a:   mark libtirpc
E: Couldn't find package rpcgen
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2021-Mar-16 17:27:05 :: [mipsel] nfs-2.5.3-alt1.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2021-Mar-16 17:27:05 :: [mipsel] #700 nfs-2.5.3-alt1.src.rpm: build FAILED
2021-Mar-16 17:27:05 :: [mipsel] requesting cancellation of task processing
2021-Mar-16 17:27:05 :: [mipsel] build FAILED
2021-Mar-16 17:27:05 :: task #58762 for sisyphus_mipsel FAILED

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