[Sisyphus-mipsel-reports] [#49864] p9_mipsel FAILED srpm=vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-alt1.src.rpm

Girar awaiter robot awaiter at gyle-secondary.office.basealt.ru
Wed Aug 26 15:24:48 MSK 2020


2020-Aug-26 12:24:05 :: task #49864 for p9_mipsel started by recycler:
#100 build vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-alt1.src.rpm
2020-Aug-26 12:24:07 :: [mipsel] #100 vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-alt1.src.rpm: build start
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: libcom_err-1.44.6-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+23414.100.1.1 1552125415 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: libidn2-2.2.0-alt1 p9_mipsel+29262.100.1.1 1559075289 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: libe2fs-1.44.6-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+23414.100.1.1 1552125415 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: rpm-macros-cmake-3.16.3-alt1 p9_mipsel+42566.100.1.1 1582909013 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: rmt-0.4b44-alt1.1 sisyphus_mipsel+25447.100.1.1 1554549126 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: dump-0.4b44-alt1.1 sisyphus_mipsel+25447.100.1.1 1554549126 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:40 rpmi: cmake-modules-3.16.3-alt1 p9_mipsel+42566.100.1.1 1582909013 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libuv-1.38.1-alt1 p9_mipsel+49599.200.1.1 1597826915 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: librhash-1.3.5-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+28233.100.1.1 1557480229 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libjsoncpp19-1.8.4-alt2.S1 sisyphus_mipsel+26742.100.1.1 1556318768 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libexpat-2.2.4-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+27969.100.1.1 1557331072 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: publicsuffix-list-dafsa-20200720-alt1 p9_mipsel+48932.100.1.1 1595838718 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libpsl-0.21.1-alt1 p9_mipsel+48905.100.1.1 1595608039 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libnghttp2-1.41.0-alt1 p9_mipsel+49704.100.1.1 1598027711 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libverto-0.3.0-alt1_7 sisyphus_mipsel+24492.100.1.1 1553996903 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libkeyutils-1.6-alt2 sisyphus_mipsel+25442.100.1.1 1554546102 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libbrotlicommon-1.0.7-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+25477.100.1.1 1554558842 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libbrotlidec-1.0.7-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+25477.100.1.1 1554558842 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libnettle6-3.4.1-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+25443.100.1.1 1554546757 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libarchive13-3.4.0-alt1 p9_mipsel+36720.100.1.1 1573598252 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libp11-kit-0.23.15-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+24967.100.1.1 1554317800 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libtasn1-4.14-alt1 p9_mipsel+33250.100.1.1 1565429197 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: rpm-macros-alternatives-0.5.1-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+25713.100.2.1 1554890888 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: alternatives-0.5.1-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+25713.100.2.1 1554890888 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: ca-certificates-2020.01.23-alt1 p9_mipsel+41138.100.2.1 1581673617 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: ca-trust-0.1.2-alt1 p9_mipsel+31544.100.1.1 1561901557 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: p11-kit-trust-0.23.15-alt1 sisyphus_mipsel+24967.100.1.1 1554317800 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libcrypto1.1-1.1.1g-alt1 p9_mipsel+45309.100.1.1 1588188589 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:41 rpmi: libssl1.1-1.1.1g-alt1 p9_mipsel+45309.100.1.1 1588188589 installed
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11272]: group added to /etc/group: name=_keytab, GID=499
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11272]: group added to /etc/gshadow: name=_keytab
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11272]: new group: name=_keytab, GID=499
<13>Aug 26 12:24:42 rpmi: libkrb5-1.17.1-alt1 p9_mipsel+39303.100.1.1 1576577032 installed
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11277]: group added to /etc/group: name=sasl, GID=498
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11277]: group added to /etc/gshadow: name=sasl
<86>Aug 26 12:24:42 groupadd[11277]: new group: name=sasl, GID=498
<13>Aug 26 12:24:42 rpmi: libsasl2-3-2.1.27-alt2.1 p9_mipsel+49535.100.1.1 1597668342 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:42 rpmi: libldap-2.4.48-alt3 p9_mipsel+35453.100.1.1 1570459091 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:42 rpmi: libcurl-7.71.0-alt1 p9_mipsel+48892.100.1.1 1595597051 installed
<13>Aug 26 12:24:43 rpmi: cmake-3.16.3-alt1 p9_mipsel+42566.100.1.1 1582909013 installed
warning: Macro %qmake_qt5 not found
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
MI2a: mark gcc-c++
MI2a:  target gcc8-c++
MI2a:   mark gcc8-c++
MI2a:    target libstdc++8-devel
MI2a:     mark libstdc++8-devel
MI2a:      target gcc-c++-common
MI2a:       mark gcc-c++-common
MI2a: mark intltool
MI2a:  target perl-XML-Parser
MI2a:   mark perl-XML-Parser
MI2a:    target perl(LWP/UserAgent.pm)
MI2a:     mark perl-libwww
MI2a:      target perl(Data/Dump.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Data-Dump
MI2a:        target perl(Term/ANSIColor.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-Term-ANSIColor
MI2a:      target perl(Encode.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Encode
MI2a:        target perl(Filter/Util/Call.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-Filter
MI2a:      target perl(Encode/Locale.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Encode-Locale
MI2a:      target perl(File/Listing.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-File-Listing
MI2a:        target perl(HTTP/Date.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-HTTP-Date
MI2a:      target perl(HTML/Entities.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-HTML-Parser
MI2a:        target perl(HTML/Tagset.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-HTML-Tagset
MI2a:        target perl(URI.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-URI
MI2a:          target perl(Net/Domain.pm)
MI2a:           mark perl-libnet
MI2a:      target perl(HTTP/Config.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-HTTP-Message
MI2a:        target perl(IO/Compress/Bzip2.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-IO-Compress
MI2a:          target perl(Compress/Raw/Bzip2.pm)
MI2a:           mark perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2
MI2a:          target perl(Compress/Raw/Zlib.pm)
MI2a:           mark perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib
MI2a:        target perl(IO/HTML.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-IO-HTML
MI2a:        target perl(LWP/MediaTypes.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-LWP-MediaTypes
MI2a:      target perl(HTTP/Cookies.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-HTTP-Cookies
MI2a:      target perl(HTTP/Negotiate.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-HTTP-Negotiate
MI2a:      target perl(Net/HTTP.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Net-HTTP
MI2a:        target perl(IO/Socket/IP.pm)
MI2a:         mark perl-IO-Socket-IP
MI2a:      target perl(Try/Tiny.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-Try-Tiny
MI2a:      target perl(WWW/RobotRules.pm)
MI2a:       mark perl-WWW-RobotRules
MI2a: mark qt5-base-devel
MI2a:  target pkgconfig(gl)
MI2a:   mark libglvnd-devel
MI2a:    target libX11-devel
MI2a:     mark libX11-devel
MI2a:      target libxcb-devel
MI2a:       mark libxcb-devel
MI2a:        target libxcb
MI2a:         mark libxcb
MI2a:          target libXau.so.6
MI2a:           mark libXau
MI2a:          target libXdmcp.so.6
MI2a:           mark libXdmcp
MI2a:      target pkgconfig(kbproto)
MI2a:       mark xorg-proto-devel
MI2a:      target libX11
MI2a:       mark libX11
MI2a:        target libX11-locales
MI2a:         mark libX11-locales
MI2a:    target libOpenGL
MI2a:     mark libOpenGL
MI2a:      target libglvnd
MI2a:       mark libglvnd
MI2a:    target libEGL
MI2a:     mark libEGL
MI2a:      target libEGL-mesa
MI2a:       mark libEGL-mesa
MI2a:        target libdrm.so.2
MI2a:         mark libdrm
MI2a:        target libwayland-client.so.0
MI2a:         mark libwayland-client
MI2a:        target libwayland-server.so.0
MI2a:         mark libwayland-server
MI2a:        target libGLX-mesa
MI2a:         mark libGLX-mesa
MI2a:          target libXdamage.so.1
MI2a:           mark libXdamage
MI2a:          target libXext.so.6
MI2a:           mark libXext
MI2a:          target libXfixes.so.3
MI2a:           mark libXfixes
MI2a:          target libXxf86vm.so.1
MI2a:           mark libXxf86vm
MI2a:          target libxshmfence.so.1
MI2a:           mark libxshmfence
MI2a:        target libgbm
MI2a:         mark libgbm
MI2a:    target libGL
MI2a:     mark libGL
MI2a:      target libGLX
MI2a:       mark libGLX
MI2a:  target libicu-devel
MI2a:   mark libicu-devel
MI2a:    target icu-utils
MI2a:     mark icu-utils
MI2a:      target libicu65
MI2a:       mark libicu65
MI2a:  target libudev-devel
MI2a:   mark libudev-devel
MI2a:  target libvulkan-devel
MI2a:   mark libvulkan-devel
MI2a:    target python3(__future__)
MI2a:     mark python3-base
MI2a:      target libgdbm.so.3
MI2a:       mark libgdbm
MI2a:      target python3
MI2a:       mark python3
MI2a:        target libpython3
MI2a:         mark libpython3
MI2a:    target libvulkan1
MI2a:     mark libvulkan1
MI2a:      target vulkan-filesystem
MI2a:       mark vulkan-filesystem
MI2a:  target libxkbcommon-devel
MI2a:   mark libxkbcommon-devel
MI2a:    target libxkbcommon
MI2a:     mark libxkbcommon
MI2a:  target xxd
MI2a:   mark xxd
MI2a:  target rpm-macros-qt5
MI2a:   mark rpm-macros-qt5
MI2a:    target qt5-base-common
MI2a:     mark qt5-base-common
MI2a:  target libqt5-sql
MI2a:   mark libqt5-sql
MI2a:    target libsqlite3.so.0
MI2a:     mark libsqlite3
MI2a:    target libqt5-core
MI2a:     mark libqt5-core
MI2a:      target libpcre2-16.so.0
MI2a:       mark libpcre2
MI2a:  target libqt5-network
MI2a:   mark libqt5-network
MI2a:    target libproxy.so.1
MI2a:     mark libproxy
MI2a:    target libqt5-dbus
MI2a:     mark libqt5-dbus
MI2a:      target libdbus-1.so.3
MI2a:       mark libdbus
MI2a:        target libsystemd.so.0
MI2a:         mark libsystemd
MI2a:          target libgcrypt.so.20
MI2a:           mark libgcrypt20
MI2a:            target libgpg-error
MI2a:             mark libgpg-error
MI2a:          target liblz4.so.1
MI2a:           mark liblz4
MI2a:  target libqt5-opengl
MI2a:   mark libqt5-opengl
MI2a:    target libqt5-widgets
MI2a:     mark libqt5-widgets
MI2a:      target libqt5-gui
MI2a:       mark libqt5-gui
MI2a:        target libharfbuzz.so.0
MI2a:         mark libharfbuzz
MI2a:          target libfreetype.so.6
MI2a:           mark libfreetype
MI2a:            target libpng16.so.16
MI2a:             mark libpng16
MI2a:          target libgraphite2.so.3
MI2a:           mark libgraphite2
MI2a:        target libjpeg.so.62
MI2a:         mark libjpeg
MI2a:        target libqt5-eglfsdeviceintegration
MI2a:         mark libqt5-eglfsdeviceintegration
MI2a:          target libinput.so.10
MI2a:           mark libinput
MI2a:            target /lib/udev/rules.d
MI2a:             mark udev-rules
MI2a:            target libevdev.so.2
MI2a:             mark libevdev
MI2a:            target libmtdev.so.1
MI2a:             mark libmtdev
MI2a:            target libwacom.so.2
MI2a:             mark libwacom
MI2a:              target libgudev-1.0.so.0
MI2a:               mark libgudev
MI2a:              target libwacom-data
MI2a:               mark libwacom-data
MI2a:          target libts-0.0.so.0
MI2a:           mark libts
MI2a:        target libqt5-xcbqpa
MI2a:         mark libqt5-xcbqpa
MI2a:          target libICE.so.6
MI2a:           mark libICE
MI2a:          target libSM.so.6
MI2a:           mark libSM
MI2a:          target libXrender.so.1
MI2a:           mark libXrender
MI2a:          target libfontconfig.so.1
MI2a:           mark fontconfig
MI2a:          target libxcb-icccm.so.4
MI2a:           mark libxcbutil-icccm
MI2a:          target libxcb-image.so.0
MI2a:           mark libxcbutil-image
MI2a:            target libxcb-util.so.1
MI2a:             mark libxcbutil
MI2a:          target libxcb-keysyms.so.1
MI2a:           mark libxcbutil-keysyms
MI2a:          target libxcb-render-util.so.0
MI2a:           mark libxcb-render-util
MI2a:          target libxkbcommon-x11.so.0
MI2a:           mark libxkbcommon-x11
MI2a:        target libqt5-eglfskmssupport
MI2a:         mark libqt5-eglfskmssupport
MI2a:  target libqt5-xml
MI2a:   mark libqt5-xml
MI2a:  target libqt5-concurrent
MI2a:   mark libqt5-concurrent
MI2a:  target libqt5-printsupport
MI2a:   mark libqt5-printsupport
MI2a:    target libcups.so.2
MI2a:     mark libcups
MI2a:      target libavahi-client.so.3
MI2a:       mark libavahi
MI2a:  target libqt5-test
MI2a:   mark libqt5-test
MI2a: mark qt5-multimedia-devel
MI2a:  target libpulseaudio-devel
MI2a:   mark libpulseaudio-devel
MI2a:    target glib2-devel
MI2a:     mark glib2-devel
MI2a:      target rpm-build-gir
MI2a:       mark rpm-build-gir
MI2a:        target xml-utils
MI2a:         mark xml-utils
MI2a:    target libpulseaudio
MI2a:     mark libpulseaudio
MI2a:      target libasyncns.so.0
MI2a:       mark libasyncns
MI2a:      target libsndfile.so.1
MI2a:       mark libsndfile
MI2a:        target libFLAC.so.8
MI2a:         mark libflac8
MI2a:          target libogg.so.0
MI2a:           mark libogg
MI2a:        target libgsm.so.1
MI2a:         mark libgsm
MI2a:        target libvorbis.so.0
MI2a:         mark libvorbis
MI2a:  target qt5-declarative-devel
MI2a:   mark qt5-declarative-devel
MI2a:    target libqt5-quickparticles
MI2a:     mark libqt5-quickparticles
MI2a:      target qt5-declarative-common
MI2a:       mark qt5-declarative-common
MI2a:      target libqt5-qml
MI2a:       mark libqt5-qml
MI2a:        target libqt5-quick
MI2a:         mark libqt5-quick
MI2a:        target libqt5-quickshapes
MI2a:         mark libqt5-quickshapes
MI2a:    target libqt5-quicktest
MI2a:     mark libqt5-quicktest
MI2a:    target libqt5-quickwidgets
MI2a:     mark libqt5-quickwidgets
MI2a:    target rpm-build-qml
MI2a:     mark rpm-build-qml
MI2a:  target libqt5-multimedia
MI2a:   mark libqt5-multimedia
MI2a:    target gst-plugins-base1.0
MI2a:     mark gst-plugins-base1.0
MI2a:      target gstreamer1.0
MI2a:       mark gstreamer1.0
MI2a:        target libgio-2.0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libgio
MI2a:          target gsettings-desktop-schemas
MI2a:           mark gsettings-desktop-schemas
MI2a:            target gsettings-desktop-schemas-data
MI2a:             mark gsettings-desktop-schemas-data
MI2a:          target shared-mime-info
MI2a:           mark shared-mime-info
MI2a:        target libgstreamer1.0
MI2a:         mark libgstreamer1.0
MI2a:      target libXv.so.1
MI2a:       mark libXv
MI2a:      target libasound.so.2
MI2a:       mark libalsa
MI2a:      target libcairo.so.2
MI2a:       mark libcairo
MI2a:        target libpixman-1.so.0
MI2a:         mark libpixman
MI2a:      target libcdda_interface.so.0
MI2a:       mark libcdparanoia
MI2a:      target libgraphene-1.0.so.0
MI2a:       mark libgraphene
MI2a:      target libopus.so.0
MI2a:       mark libopus
MI2a:      target libpango-1.0.so.0
MI2a:       mark libpango
MI2a:        target libXft.so.2
MI2a:         mark libXft
MI2a:        target libfribidi.so.0
MI2a:         mark libfribidi
MI2a:        target libthai.so.0
MI2a:         mark libthai
MI2a:          target libdatrie.so.1
MI2a:           mark libdatrie
MI2a:      target libtheoradec.so.1
MI2a:       mark libtheora
MI2a:      target libvisual-0.4.so.0
MI2a:       mark libvisual0.4
MI2a:      target libgst-plugins1.0
MI2a:       mark libgst-plugins1.0
MI2a:        target liborc-0.4.so.0
MI2a:         mark liborc
MI2a:        target libwayland-egl.so.1
MI2a:         mark libwayland-egl
MI2a:    target gst-plugins-good1.0
MI2a:     mark gst-plugins-good1.0
MI2a:      target libavc1394.so.0
MI2a:       mark libavc1394
MI2a:        target libraw1394.so.11
MI2a:         mark libraw1394-11
MI2a:      target libcairo-gobject.so.2
MI2a:       mark libcairo-gobject
MI2a:      target libdv.so.4
MI2a:       mark libdv
MI2a:      target libgdk-3.so.0
MI2a:       mark libgtk+3
MI2a:        target icon-theme-adwaita
MI2a:         mark icon-theme-adwaita
MI2a:          target icon-naming-utils
MI2a:           mark icon-naming-utils
MI2a:            target perl(XML/Simple.pm)
MI2a:             mark perl-XML-Simple
MI2a:              target perl(XML/NamespaceSupport.pm)
MI2a:               mark perl-XML-NamespaceSupport
MI2a:              target perl(XML/SAX.pm)
MI2a:               mark perl-XML-SAX
MI2a:                target perl(XML/LibXML/SAX.pm)
MI2a:                 mark perl-XML-LibXML
MI2a:                  target perl(XML/SAX/Base.pm)
MI2a:                   mark perl-XML-SAX-Base
MI2a:        target gtk+3-themes-incompatible
MI2a:         mark gtk+3-themes-incompatible
MI2a:        target colord
MI2a:         mark colord
MI2a:          target libgusb.so.2
MI2a:           mark libgusb
MI2a:            target libusb-1.0.so.0
MI2a:             mark libusb
MI2a:          target liblcms2.so.2
MI2a:           mark liblcms2
MI2a:          target libpolkit-gobject-1.so.0
MI2a:           mark libpolkit
MI2a:          target libcolord
MI2a:           mark libcolord
MI2a:        target libXcomposite.so.1
MI2a:         mark libXcomposite
MI2a:        target libXcursor.so.1
MI2a:         mark libXcursor
MI2a:        target libXi.so.6
MI2a:         mark libXi
MI2a:        target libXinerama.so.1
MI2a:         mark libXinerama
MI2a:        target libXrandr.so.2
MI2a:         mark libXrandr
MI2a:        target libatk-1.0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libatk
MI2a:          target libatk-locales
MI2a:           mark libatk-locales
MI2a:        target libatk-bridge-2.0.so.0
MI2a:         mark at-spi2-atk
MI2a:          target at-spi2-core
MI2a:           mark at-spi2-core
MI2a:            target dbus-tools-gui
MI2a:             mark dbus-tools-gui
MI2a:              target dbus
MI2a:               mark dbus
MI2a:                target dbus-tools
MI2a:                 mark dbus-tools
MI2a:            target libXtst.so.6
MI2a:             mark libXtst
MI2a:            target libat-spi2-core
MI2a:             mark libat-spi2-core
MI2a:        target libepoxy.so.0
MI2a:         mark libepoxy
MI2a:        target libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libgdk-pixbuf
MI2a:          target libgdk-pixbuf-locales
MI2a:           mark libgdk-pixbuf-locales
MI2a:          target libjasper.so.4
MI2a:           mark libjasper
MI2a:          target libtiff.so.5
MI2a:           mark libtiff5
MI2a:            target libjbig.so.1.6
MI2a:             mark libjbig
MI2a:            target libwebp.so.7
MI2a:             mark libwebp7
MI2a:        target libjson-glib-1.0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libjson-glib
MI2a:        target librest-0.7.so.0
MI2a:         mark librest
MI2a:          target libsoup-2.4.so.1
MI2a:           mark libsoup
MI2a:            target glib-networking
MI2a:             mark glib-networking
MI2a:              target libgnutls.so.30
MI2a:               mark libgnutls30
MI2a:                target libhogweed.so.4
MI2a:                 mark libhogweed4
MI2a:          target libsoup-gnome-2.4.so.1
MI2a:           mark libsoup-gnome
MI2a:        target libwayland-cursor.so.0
MI2a:         mark libwayland-cursor
MI2a:        target libgtk+3-schemas
MI2a:         mark libgtk+3-schemas
MI2a:          target dconf
MI2a:           mark dconf
MI2a:            target libdconf
MI2a:             mark libdconf
MI2a:        target gtk-update-icon-cache
MI2a:         mark gtk-update-icon-cache
MI2a:      target libiec61883.so.0
MI2a:       mark libiec61883
MI2a:      target libjack.so.0
MI2a:       mark libjack
MI2a:      target libmp3lame.so.0
MI2a:       mark liblame
MI2a:      target libmpg123.so.0
MI2a:       mark libmpg123
MI2a:      target libshout2.so.3
MI2a:       mark libshout2
MI2a:        target libspeex.so.1
MI2a:         mark libspeex
MI2a:      target libtag.so.1
MI2a:       mark libtag
MI2a:      target libv4l2.so.0
MI2a:       mark libv4l
MI2a:      target libvpx.so.6
MI2a:       mark libvpx6
MI2a:      target libwavpack.so.1
MI2a:       mark libwavpack
MI2a:    target gst-plugins-bad1.0
MI2a:     mark gst-plugins-bad1.0
MI2a:      target libHalf.so.24
MI2a:       mark libhalf24
MI2a:        target ilmbase24-common
MI2a:         mark ilmbase24-common
MI2a:      target libIex-2_3.so.24
MI2a:       mark libiex24
MI2a:      target libIlmImf-2_3.so.24
MI2a:       mark libilmimf24
MI2a:        target libIlmThread-2_3.so.24
MI2a:         mark libilmthread24
MI2a:        target openexr24-common
MI2a:         mark openexr24-common
MI2a:      target libSoundTouch.so.1
MI2a:       mark libsoundtouch
MI2a:      target libass.so.9
MI2a:       mark libass9
MI2a:      target libbs2b.so.3
MI2a:       mark libbs2b
MI2a:      target libdc1394.so.22
MI2a:       mark libdc1394-22
MI2a:      target libdca.so.0
MI2a:       mark libdca0
MI2a:      target libdvdnav.so.4
MI2a:       mark libdvdnav
MI2a:        target libdvdread.so.8
MI2a:         mark libdvdread8
MI2a:      target libfaad.so.2
MI2a:       mark libfaad2
MI2a:      target libfluidsynth.so.2
MI2a:       mark libfluidsynth
MI2a:        target liblash.so.1
MI2a:         mark liblash
MI2a:      target libkate.so.1
MI2a:       mark libkate
MI2a:      target liblilv-0.so.0
MI2a:       mark liblilv
MI2a:        target libserd-0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libserd
MI2a:        target libsord-0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libsord
MI2a:        target libsratom-0.so.0
MI2a:         mark libsratom
MI2a:      target liblrdf.so.2
MI2a:       mark liblrdf
MI2a:        target libraptor2.so.0
MI2a:         mark libraptor2
MI2a:          target libxslt.so.1
MI2a:           mark libxslt
MI2a:          target libyajl.so.2
MI2a:           mark libyajl
MI2a:      target libmjpegutils-2.1.so.0
MI2a:       mark libmjpegtools2.1
MI2a:        target libSDL-1.2.so.0
MI2a:         mark libSDL
MI2a:      target libmms.so.0
MI2a:       mark libmms
MI2a:      target libmodplug.so.1
MI2a:       mark libmodplug
MI2a:      target libneon.so.27
MI2a:       mark libneon
MI2a:      target libnice.so.10
MI2a:       mark libnice
MI2a:        target libgupnp-igd-1.0.so.4
MI2a:         mark libgupnp-igd
MI2a:          target libgssdp-1.0.so.3
MI2a:           mark libgssdp
MI2a:          target libgupnp-1.0.so.4
MI2a:           mark libgupnp
MI2a:            target python-modules
MI2a:             mark python-modules
MI2a:              target python-modules-encodings
MI2a:               mark python-modules-encodings
MI2a:              target python-modules-compiler
MI2a:               mark python-modules-compiler
MI2a:              target python-modules-email
MI2a:               mark python-modules-email
MI2a:              target python-modules-unittest
MI2a:               mark python-modules-unittest
MI2a:              target python-modules-nis
MI2a:               mark python-modules-nis
MI2a:                target libnsl.so.2
MI2a:                 mark libnsl2
MI2a:                  target libtirpc.so.3
MI2a:                   mark libtirpc
MI2a:            target python2.7(xml)
MI2a:             mark python-modules-xml
MI2a:      target libofa.so.0
MI2a:       mark libofa
MI2a:        target libfftw3.so.3
MI2a:         mark libfftw3
MI2a:          target libgomp.so.1
MI2a:           mark libgomp1
MI2a:          target libfftw3-common
MI2a:           mark libfftw3-common
MI2a:      target libopencv_bgsegm.so.3.4
MI2a:       mark libopencv3.4
MI2a:        target libIlmImf-2_2.so.22
MI2a:         mark libilmimf22
MI2a:          target libHalf.so.12
MI2a:           mark libhalf12
MI2a:            target ilmbase12-common
MI2a:             mark ilmbase12-common
MI2a:          target libIex-2_2.so.12
MI2a:           mark libiex12
MI2a:          target libIlmThread-2_2.so.12
MI2a:           mark libilmthread12
MI2a:          target openexr22-common
MI2a:           mark openexr22-common
MI2a:        target libavcodec.so.58
MI2a:         mark libavcodec58
MI2a:          target libaom.so.0
MI2a:           mark libaom
MI2a:          target libcodec2.so.0.8
MI2a:           mark libcodec2
MI2a:          target libdav1d.so.1
MI2a:           mark libdav1d
MI2a:          target libopencore-amrnb.so.0
MI2a:           mark libopencore-amrnb0
MI2a:          target libopencore-amrwb.so.0
MI2a:           mark libopencore-amrwb0
MI2a:          target libopenjp2.so.7
MI2a:           mark libopenjpeg2.0
MI2a:          target librsvg-2.so.2
MI2a:           mark librsvg
MI2a:          target libsnappy.so.1
MI2a:           mark libsnappy
MI2a:          target libtwolame.so.0
MI2a:           mark libtwolame
MI2a:          target libva.so.2
MI2a:           mark libva
MI2a:          target libx264.so.148
MI2a:           mark libx264
MI2a:          target libx265.so.160
MI2a:           mark libx265-160
MI2a:          target libxvidcore.so.4
MI2a:           mark libxvid
MI2a:          target libzvbi.so.0
MI2a:           mark libzvbi
MI2a:          target libswresample3
MI2a:           mark libswresample3
MI2a:            target libsoxr.so.0
MI2a:             mark libsoxr
MI2a:            target libavutil56
MI2a:             mark libavutil56
MI2a:              target libvdpau.so.1
MI2a:               mark libvdpau
MI2a:        target libavformat.so.58
MI2a:         mark libavformat58
MI2a:          target libbluray.so.2
MI2a:           mark libbluray
MI2a:            target libudfread.so.0
MI2a:             mark libudfread
MI2a:          target libgme.so.0
MI2a:           mark libgme
MI2a:          target libssh.so.4
MI2a:           mark libssh
MI2a:        target libprotobuf.so.17
MI2a:         mark libprotobuf17
MI2a:        target libswscale.so.5
MI2a:         mark libswscale5
MI2a:        target libtbb.so.2
MI2a:         mark libtbb
MI2a:        target libucil.so.2
MI2a:         mark libucil2
MI2a:          target libunicap.so.2
MI2a:           mark libunicap
MI2a:      target libsbc.so.1
MI2a:       mark libsbc
MI2a:      target libvo-aacenc.so.0
MI2a:       mark libvo-aacenc
MI2a:      target libvo-amrwbenc.so.0
MI2a:       mark libvo-amrwbenc
MI2a:      target libwebrtc_audio_processing.so.1
MI2a:       mark libwebrtc
MI2a:      target libzbar.so.0
MI2a:       mark libzbar
MI2a:      target typelib(Gst)
MI2a:       mark libgstreamer1.0-gir
MI2a:        target typelib(GLib)
MI2a:         mark gobject-introspection
MI2a:      target typelib(GstAudio)
MI2a:       mark libgst-plugins1.0-gir
MI2a:    target gst-plugins-ugly1.0
MI2a:     mark gst-plugins-ugly1.0
MI2a:      target liba52.so.0
MI2a:       mark liba52
MI2a:      target libcdio.so.18
MI2a:       mark libcdio
MI2a:      target libmpeg2.so.0
MI2a:       mark libmpeg2
MI2a:    target gst-libav
MI2a:     mark gst-libav
MI2a:      target libavfilter.so.7
MI2a:       mark libavfilter7
MI2a:        target libflite.so.1
MI2a:         mark flite
MI2a:        target librubberband.so.2
MI2a:         mark librubberband
MI2a:          target libsamplerate.so.0
MI2a:           mark libsamplerate
MI2a:        target libvidstab.so.1.1
MI2a:         mark libvidstab
MI2a:        target libzmq.so.5
MI2a:         mark libzeromq
MI2a:        target libpostproc55
MI2a:         mark libpostproc55
MI2a:        target libavresample4
MI2a:         mark libavresample4
MI2a:    target libopenal.so.1
MI2a:     mark libopenal1
MI2a:    target qt5-multimedia-common
MI2a:     mark qt5-multimedia-common
MI2a: mark qt5-tools-devel
MI2a:  target qt5-tools
MI2a:   mark qt5-tools
MI2a:    target libclang.so.10
MI2a:     mark clang10.0-libs
MI2a:      target llvm10.0-libs
MI2a:       mark llvm10.0-libs
MI2a:    target libqt5-help
MI2a:     mark libqt5-help
MI2a:      target qt5-tools-common
MI2a:       mark qt5-tools-common
MI2a:  target libqt5-designercomponents
MI2a:   mark libqt5-designercomponents
MI2a:    target libqt5-designer
MI2a:     mark libqt5-designer
MI2a: mark qt5-x11extras-devel
MI2a:  target libXScrnSaver-devel
MI2a:   mark libXScrnSaver-devel
MI2a:    target libXScrnSaver
MI2a:     mark libXScrnSaver
MI2a:  target libXcomposite-devel
MI2a:   mark libXcomposite-devel
MI2a:    target libXfixes-devel
MI2a:     mark libXfixes-devel
MI2a:  target libXcursor-devel
MI2a:   mark libXcursor-devel
MI2a:  target libXdamage-devel
MI2a:   mark libXdamage-devel
MI2a:  target libXdmcp-devel
MI2a:   mark libXdmcp-devel
MI2a:  target libXft-devel
MI2a:   mark libXft-devel
MI2a:    target fontconfig-devel
MI2a:     mark fontconfig-devel
MI2a:      target libfreetype-devel
MI2a:       mark libfreetype-devel
MI2a:        target libharfbuzz-devel
MI2a:         mark libharfbuzz-devel
MI2a:          target libgraphite2-devel
MI2a:           mark libgraphite2-devel
MI2a:          target libharfbuzz-icu
MI2a:           mark libharfbuzz-icu
MI2a:    target libXrender-devel
MI2a:     mark libXrender-devel
MI2a:  target libXinerama-devel
MI2a:   mark libXinerama-devel
MI2a:  target libXmu-devel
MI2a:   mark libXmu-devel
MI2a:    target libXt-devel
MI2a:     mark libXt-devel
MI2a:      target libSM-devel
MI2a:       mark libSM-devel
MI2a:        target libICE-devel
MI2a:         mark libICE-devel
MI2a:      target libXt
MI2a:       mark libXt
MI2a:    target libXmu
MI2a:     mark libXmu
MI2a:  target libXpm-devel
MI2a:   mark libXpm-devel
MI2a:    target libXpm
MI2a:     mark libXpm
MI2a:  target libXrandr-devel
MI2a:   mark libXrandr-devel
MI2a:  target libXtst-devel
MI2a:   mark libXtst-devel
MI2a:    target libXi-devel
MI2a:     mark libXi-devel
MI2a:      target libXext-devel
MI2a:       mark libXext-devel
MI2a:        target libXau-devel
MI2a:         mark libXau-devel
MI2a:  target libXv-devel
MI2a:   mark libXv-devel
MI2a:  target libXxf86misc-devel
MI2a:   mark libXxf86misc-devel
MI2a:    target pkgconfig(xf86miscproto)
MI2a:     mark xorg-xf86miscproto-devel
MI2a:    target libXxf86misc
MI2a:     mark libXxf86misc
MI2a:  target libXxf86vm-devel
MI2a:   mark libXxf86vm-devel
MI2a:  target libxkbfile-devel
MI2a:   mark libxkbfile-devel
MI2a:    target libxkbfile
MI2a:     mark libxkbfile
MI2a:  target libxcbutil-keysyms-devel
MI2a:   mark libxcbutil-keysyms-devel
MI2a:  target libqt5-x11extras
MI2a:   mark libqt5-x11extras
MI2a:    target qt5-x11extras-common
MI2a:     mark qt5-x11extras-common
cmake is already the newest version.
E: Couldn't find package libgstreamermm1.0-devel
hsh-install: Failed to calculate package file list.
hsh-install: Failed to generate package file list.
2020-Aug-26 12:24:47 :: [mipsel] vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-alt1.src.rpm: remote: cannot build src.rpm
2020-Aug-26 12:24:48 :: [mipsel] #100 vokoscreenNG-3.0.5-alt1.src.rpm: build FAILED
2020-Aug-26 12:24:48 :: [mipsel] requesting cancellation of task processing
2020-Aug-26 12:24:48 :: [mipsel] build FAILED
2020-Aug-26 12:24:48 :: task #49864 for p9_mipsel FAILED

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