[Sisyphus-incominger] E: incoming x86_64 reject: netams-3.3.5-alt1

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Вт Дек 19 16:58:13 MSK 2006

Dear Sergei Epiphanov !
The netams-3.3.5-alt1 package has been rejected from incoming for x86_64

Possible reason follows:
+ make -j1
make: Entering directory `/usr/src/RPM/BUILD/netams-3.3.5'
cd lib/radlib && g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE  -c radlib.c 
cd src && make netams
make[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/RPM/BUILD/netams-3.3.5/src'
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o billing.o billing.c
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o s_billing.o s_billing.c
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o main.o main.c
main.c: In function 'int main(int, char**)':
main.c:101: warning: ignoring return value of 'int daemon(int, int)', declared with attribute warn_unused_result
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o common.o common.c
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o versions.o versions.c
g++ -g -Wall -pipe -O2 -I/usr/include -DLINUX -D_BSD_SOURCE -I/usr/include/pcap -I/usr/libipq -DUSE_MYSQL -I/usr/include/mysql -DUSE_POSTGRES -I/usr/include/pgsql -DHAVE_BILLING -DDEBUG -DUSE_LIBRADIUS -DHAVE_BW -DFAST_FW_CHECK -D_REENTRANT -D_THREAD_SAFE    -c -o connections.o connections.c
connections.c: In constructor 'Connection::Connection(char*, int)':
connections.c:43: error: invalid conversion from 'ssize_t (*)(void*, const char*, unsigned int)' to '__ssize_t (*)(void*, const char*, size_t)'
make[1]: *** [connections.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/RPM/BUILD/netams-3.3.5/src'
make: *** [all] Error 2
make: Leaving directory `/usr/src/RPM/BUILD/netams-3.3.5'

RPM build errors:
Bad exit status from /usr/src/tmp/rpm-tmp.36207 (%build)
    Bad exit status from /usr/src/tmp/rpm-tmp.36207 (%build)
3.13user 0.44system 0:04.78elapsed 74%CPU (0avgtext+0avgdata 0maxresident)k
0inputs+0outputs (0major+61572minor)pagefaults 0swaps
rebuild: rebuild of `netams-3.3.5-alt1.src.rpm' failed.
removed `/tmp/.private/bee3/lockdir/pid'
removed directory: `/tmp/.private/bee3/lockdir'

Rgrds, your upravdom

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