[Sisyphus-incominger] E: incoming x86_64 reject: editmoin-1.8-alt1

Upravdom Team Robot =?iso-8859-1?q?upravdom_=CE=C1_altlinux=2Eorg?=
Сб Дек 16 22:40:31 MSK 2006

Dear George V. Kouryachy (Fr. Br. George) !
The editmoin-1.8-alt1 package has been rejected from incoming for x86_64

Possible reason follows:
mkaptbox: Created APT source list file `./etc/apt/sources.list'.
mkaptbox: Created RPM database in `./var/lib/rpm/'.
mkdir: created directory `repo'
mkdir: created directory `repo/SRPMS.hasher'
mkdir: created directory `repo/x86_64'
mkdir: created directory `repo/x86_64/RPMS.hasher'
mkdir: created directory `repo/x86_64/base'
Components: hasher
Processing pkglists... hasher done
Processing srclists...  hasher done
Creating component releases... hasher done
Creating global release file... done
Appending MD5Sum... hasher done
All your base are belong to us!!!
mkaptbox: updated hasher repository indices.
Ign file: noarch release
Ign file: x86_64 release
Err file: noarch/classic pkglist
  File not found
Ign file: noarch/classic release
Err file: x86_64/classic pkglist
  File not found
Ign file: x86_64/classic release
Failed to fetch file:/raid/ALT/Sisyphus/noarch/base/pkglist.classic  File not found
Failed to fetch file:/raid/ALT/Sisyphus/x86_64/base/pkglist.classic  File not found
Reading Package Lists...
Building Dependency Tree...
E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.
removed `/tmp/.private/bee2/lockdir/pid'
removed directory: `/tmp/.private/bee2/lockdir'

Rgrds, your upravdom

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