[cyber] I: Sisyphus-20231031 REBUILD x86_64 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Вт Окт 31 07:50:23 MSK 2023

This is a summary of the x86_64 package rebuild test finished at 31.10.2023.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 14+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 18 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

automake_1.11-1.11.6-alt9 [14] (@core)
conserver-8.2.7-alt1 [14] (@nobody)
cube-4.5-alt2 [14] (@nobody)
llvm12.0-12.0.1-alt4.1 [18] (@nobody)
ltxml-1.2.7-alt4 [14] (@nobody)
lua-module-luajson-1.3.4-alt1 [68] (@nobody)
nemiver-0.9.6-alt7 [14] (@nobody)
nxssh-7.5-alt13 [15] (@nobody)
openssh-gostcrypto-8.6p1-alt4.gost [15] (@nobody)
otf2-2.2-alt1 [14] (@nobody)
python3-module-GeoIP2-4.7.0-alt1 [20] (@nobody)
python3-module-glanceclient-4.3.0-alt1.1 [15] (@nobody)
quvi-0.9.5-alt2 [14] (@nobody)
scalasca-2.5-alt1 [14] (@nobody)
scorep-6.0-alt3 [14] (@nobody)
springrts-105.0-alt3 [32] (@nobody)
tcl-httpd-3.5.1-alt1.qa2 [14] (@nobody)
vim-plugin-coc-sh-0.6.0-alt2 [32] (@nobody)

List of 6 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

QtAV-1.13.0-alt1 [7]
gpac-1:1.0.1-alt1 [8]
heaptrack-1.3.0-alt1 [13]
jitsi-meet-4109-alt1 [13]
libxine2-1.2.9-alt3.1 [7]
ne-3.0.1-alt1 [6]

List of 65 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

aqualung-1.1-alt2 [8] (george, на qa, на everybody)
arcclock-1.2.1-alt1 [8] (drool, на everybody)
bashdb-4.4_1.0.1-alt2 [2] (lav,legion, на qa)
biosig-2.3.1-alt2 [3] (rider, на everybody)
blockout2-2.5-alt2 [8] (aris, на everybody)
bpftrace-0.16.0-alt3 [6] (vt, на everybody)
castxml-0.4.4-alt1 [6] (rider, на everybody)
cloud-init-23.1.2-alt1 [2] (shaba,obirvalger)
colorifer-1.0.1-alt17 [9] (rider, на everybody)
crystal-open-2.142-alt1 [13] (kirill, на everybody)
cvise-2.8.0-alt2 [4] (lav, на everybody)
deepin-screen-recorder-5.10.22-alt1 [1] (lvol, на everybody)
deepin-system-monitor-6.0.4-alt1 [1] (lvol, на everybody)
element-desktop-1.11.25-alt1 [13] (markow, на everybody)
emacs-misc-modes-0.2-alt10.4 [5] (@emacs, на qa)
emacs-mode-auctex-13.1-alt1 [5] (oddity, на everybody)
exiv2-0.27.7-alt1.1 [6] (aris)
fakechroot-2.20.1-alt3 [8] (glebfm, на qa, на everybody)
faketime-0.2.8-alt1 [6] (ldv)
fonts-ttf-sazanami-0.20040629-alt9_35 [12] (viy, на everybody)
gforth-0.7.3-alt4 [6] (george, на everybody)
git-2.33.8-alt1 [8] (@core)
gnustep-IMImage-2004-alt9 [8] (rider, на everybody)
gnustep-Lynkeos-1.2-alt8 [7] (mike, на everybody)
gnustep-gui-0.30.0-alt1 [8] (rider, на everybody)
handbrake-1.4.2-alt1.1 [8] (drool, на everybody)
hunspell-ko-0.7.0-alt1_5 [11] (viy, на everybody)
icu-1:7.3.2-alt1 [6] (shrek,aris)
jfreechart-0:1.5.3-alt1_3jpp11 [9] (viy, на java, на qa, на everybody)
js_of_ocaml-3.11.0-alt3 [7] (rider, на everybody)
k9copy-3.0.3-alt2 [7] (rider, на everybody)
kubo-0.21.0-alt1 [11] (lav, на everybody)
libgalago-0.5.2-alt1_20 [8] (viy, на everybody)
libkcapi-1.3.1-alt1 [5] (rider)
libopencv-1:4.7.0-alt1.1 [7] (rider,grenka, на everybody)
librtaudio-5.2.0-alt1_1 [8] (viy, на everybody)
librtmidi-4.0.0-alt1_1 [8] (viy, на everybody)
libtool_2.4-2.4.7-alt3 [6] (@core)
libtpcmisc-1.4.8-alt2_29 [10] (viy, на everybody)
libvalhalla-2.0.0-alt2_16 [7] (viy, на everybody)
lynis-3.0.0-alt2 [2] (pav, на everybody)
moc-2.6.0-alt0.5 [7] (lakostis, на everybody)
node-corepack-0.10.0-alt2 [13] (shaba, на everybody)
paexec-1.1.4-alt1 [13] (mike, на everybody)
pd-0.42.6-alt5_12 [8] (viy, на everybody)
picolisp-22.12-alt2 [4] (mike, на everybody)
python3-module-PySide2-5.15.2-alt4 [4] (cas, на everybody)
python3-module-Quamash-0.6.1-alt3 [3] (slev, на everybody)
python3-module-jupyterlab-server-2.25.0-alt1 [2] (toni, на everybody)
python3-module-pyside6-6.4.2-alt2 [4] (toni, на everybody)
qt5-base-5.15.10-alt1 [3] (zerg)
qt6-base-6.4.2-alt3 [3] (zerg)
qtfm-6.2.1-alt1 [7] (drool, на everybody)
racket-main-8.8-alt1 [7] (ancieg, на everybody)
rakarrack-0.6.2-alt6.git20140722 [8] (rider, на everybody)
rspamd-3.5-alt1 [2] (lav,shadrinov, на everybody)
scilab-1:6.0.2-alt5 [8] (lav, на everybody)
seamonkey-1: [3] (cas,mike, на everybody)
udp2raw-tunnel-20230206.0-alt1 [5] (lav, на everybody)
uim-1.8.9-alt1 [5] (vseleznv, на qa)
vim-plugin-coc-calc-2.0.2-alt2 [13] (nickf, на everybody)
wine-cpcsp_proxy-0.6.0-alt3 [13] (lav, на everybody)
wine-proton-tkg-1:8.0-alt2.rc1 [4] (lav, на everybody)
wine-stable-1:8.0.6-alt1 [4] (lav)
zincsearch-0.4.3-alt1 [11] (shaba, на everybody)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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