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Пн Авг 2 03:12:53 MSK 2021

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chromium - An open source web browser developed by Google       	[1117M]
* Mon Jul 26 2021 Alexey Gladkov <legion на altlinux> 92.0.4515.107-alt1
- New version (92.0.4515.107).
- Security fixes:
  - CVE-2021-30565: Out of bounds write in Tab Groups.
  - CVE-2021-30566: Stack buffer overflow in Printing.
  - CVE-2021-30567: Use after free in DevTools.
  - CVE-2021-30568: Heap buffer overflow in WebGL.
  - CVE-2021-30569: Use after free in sqlite.
  - CVE-2021-30571: Insufficient policy enforcement in DevTools.
  - CVE-2021-30572: Use after free in Autofill.
  - CVE-2021-30573: Use after free in GPU.
  - CVE-2021-30574: Use after free in protocol handling.
  - CVE-2021-30575: Out of bounds read in Autofill.
  - CVE-2021-30576: Use after free in DevTools.
  - CVE-2021-30577: Insufficient policy enforcement in Installer.
  - CVE-2021-30578: Uninitialized Use in Media.
  - CVE-2021-30579: Use after free in UI framework.
  - CVE-2021-30580: Insufficient policy enforcement in Android intents.
  - CVE-2021-30581: Use after free in DevTools.
  - CVE-2021-30582: Inappropriate implementation in Animation.
  - CVE-2021-30583: Insufficient policy enforcement in image handling on Windows.
  - CVE-2021-30584: Incorrect security UI in Downloads.
  - CVE-2021-30585: Use after free in sensor handling.
  - CVE-2021-30586: Use after free in dialog box handling on Windows.
  - CVE-2021-30587: Inappropriate implementation in Compositing on Windows.
  - CVE-2021-30588: Type Confusion in V8.
  - CVE-2021-30589: Insufficient validation of untrusted input in Sharing.
* Sat Jul 17 2021 Alexey Gladkov <legion на altlinux> 91.0.4472.164-alt1

Total 17543 source packages.

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