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Ср Сен 9 07:58:50 MSK 2020

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rpminstall-tests - Tests for rpm: how it interprets packages when installing
* Sat Aug 29 2020 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz на altlinux> 1.1.3-alt6.M80P.1
- build the variant for p8
- for p8, harcode the system arch (rpm -q would block in %pre)
* Sat Aug 29 2020 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz на altlinux> 1.1.3-alt7
- Removed the buildtime nprocs value from the *-checkinstall package scriptlets:
  it would make no sense at runtime.
* Fri Jul 03 2020 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz на altlinux> 1.1.3-alt6
- Run additionally a test with a package built for system rpm's ARCH
  (i.e., with rpmbuild --target set to it).
- Ignore an arch_compat test on ARM (the one introduced in 1.1.3-alt5:
  with the default arch on this machine) until better times, because
  the ARM arch detection in rpm-build (<= 4.0.4-alt141) is not ideal yet.
* Tue Jun 30 2020 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz на altlinux> 1.1.3-alt5
- Also test the compatibility between `uname -m`, rpmbuild, and rpm -i.
  (A separate archcompat-checkinstall subpkg does this.)
- First, run a simple test (to fail fast).
- In the tests, used the common /bin/tmpdir.sh (from tmpdir.sh pkg).
* Tue Jun 04 2019 Ivan Zakharyaschev <imz на altlinux> 1.1.3-alt3.M80P.1

Total 18245 source packages.

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