[cyber] I: Sisyphus-20201117 REBUILD i586 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Вт Ноя 17 15:48:38 MSK 2020

This is a summary of the i586 package rebuild test finished at 17.11.2020.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 26+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 4 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

faad-2.7-alt6 [53] (mike, на everybody)
gens-gs-2.16.7-alt1 [51] (cas, на everybody)
publican-4.3.2-alt3_13 [54] (viy, на everybody)
unison-2.51.2-alt3 [34] (rider)

List of 1 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

atlas-3.9.35-alt1.qa1 [0]

List of 64 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

asymptote-2.49-alt1 [10] (lav, на qa)
avro-1.7.6-alt5_5jpp8 [4] (viy, на everybody)
biber-2.14-alt1_1 [6] (viy, на everybody)
branding-alt-server-9.1-alt3 [12] (shaba, на everybody)
branding-alt-sisyphus-20191026-alt1 [12] (mike, на everybody)
branding-alt-workstation-9.1-alt1 [12] (sem, на everybody)
canorus-0.7.3.git3a25392-alt1 [13] (majioa, на everybody)
cctz-2.3-alt1 [3] (rider, на everybody)
clanlib0.8-0.8.1-alt6.qa1 [7] (darktemplar, на everybody)
fonts-bitmap-efont-unicode-0.4.2-alt2.qa1 [7] (mike, на qa)
gitg-3.32.1-alt1 [7] (crux, на everybody)
gumtree-2.1.1-alt1 [6] (darktemplar, на everybody)
hedgewars-1.0.0-alt2 [2] (grenka)
jed-2:0.99.19-alt2.qa2.1 [2] (oddity, на qa, на everybody)
jogl2-2.3.2-alt2_9jpp8 [5] (cas, на everybody)
jruby-0:1.7.22-alt2_8jpp8 [4] (viy, на everybody)
kdevelop5-5.5.2-alt1 [2] (george, на everybody)
kismet-2014.02.R1-alt2 [25] (oddity, на everybody)
lapack-1:3.8.0-alt3 [12] (sbolshakov, на everybody)
laspack-1.12.2-alt6 [12] (mike, на everybody)
libical-3.0.8-alt1 [3] (@gnome)
libnih-1.0.3-alt2 [24] (sem, на qa, на everybody)
nyquist-3.12-alt1 [5] (aris)
ocaml-gettext-0.4.2-alt1 [7] (snejok, на everybody)
ocaml-lwt-5.3.0-alt2 [7] (shaba, на everybody)
openqa-4.5.1528009330.e68ebe2b-alt16 [3] (aas, на everybody)
openstack-aodh-10.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openstack-ceilometer-1:14.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openstack-cinder-1:15.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openstack-heat-1:13.0.0-alt1 [1] (snejok, на everybody)
openstack-keystone-1:17.0.0-alt1 [1] (piastry, на everybody)
openstack-neutron-1:15.0.0-alt1 [1] (snejok, на everybody)
openstack-neutron-lbaas-1:14.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openstack-neutron-vpnaas-1:14.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openstack-nova-1:20.0.0-alt1 [1] (shaba, на everybody)
openvswitch-2.14.0-alt1 [1] (rider,mike,shaba)
perl-Apache-AuthCookie-3.30-alt1 [1] (viy, на everybody)
perl-podlinkcheck-15-alt2 [2] (viy, на everybody)
proxytoys-0:1.0-alt1_14jpp8 [5] (viy, на everybody)
python-module-WSGIProxy2-0.4.6-alt1 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python-module-apptools-4.4.0-alt5 [1] (@python, на qa, на everybody)
python3-module-2gis-1.3.1-alt1 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-arpeggio-1.9.2-alt4 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-bowerstatic-0.9-alt2 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-croniter-0.3.34-alt1 [3] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-dateutil-2.8.1-alt2 [3] (lav, на python, на everybody)
python3-module-hacking-3.2.0-alt1 [1] (grenka, на everybody)
python3-module-ipwhois-1.1.0-alt3 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-neutron-lib-2.3.0-alt1 [1] (grenka, на python)
python3-module-nss-1.0.1-alt5 [3] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-os-win-5.0.2-alt1 [1] (grenka, на python)
python3-module-oslo.messaging-1:12.1.0-alt1 [1] (grenka, на python)
python3-module-oslo.service-2.1.1-alt1 [1] (grenka, на python)
python3-module-pycobertura-0.10.5-alt3 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-scikits.statsmodels-1:0.11.1-alt1 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-sphinxjp.themes.revealjs-0.3.0-alt3 [1] (@python, на everybody)
python3-module-tempest-19.0.0-alt2 [1] (grenka, на python)
python3-module-winrm-0.3.0-alt5 [1] (@python, на everybody)
qgis3-3.14.1-alt1 [12] (cas, на everybody)
qtiplot- [1] (vseleznv, на qa)
sbt-0.13.1-alt5_9.1jpp8 [5] (viy, на everybody)
seamonkey-1:2.53.4-alt1 [3] (mike,cas, на everybody)
sharutils-4.6.3-alt1.1.qa2.1 [7] (ldv, на qa)
telepathy-salut-0.8.1-alt3 [16] (aris)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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