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Вт Июл 9 09:09:09 MSK 2019

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sssd - System Security Services Daemon
* Tue Jul 02 2019 Evgeny Sinelnikov <sin на altlinux> 1.16.4-alt1.M80P.1
- Update to new upstream release
- Fix sssd-ad System error during access deny to sysvol when it not replicated
  or not configured with 'samba-tool ntacl sysvolreset' command
* Mon Mar 18 2019 Evgeny Sinelnikov <sin на altlinux> 1.16.3-alt3.M80P.2
- Update fix compilation with curl 7.62.0 from upstream
- Rebuild with merged version of libldb for c8.1
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Andrey Cherepanov <cas на altlinux> 1.16.3-alt2.M80P.1

Total 18213 source packages.

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