[cyber] I: Sisyphus-20190705 REBUILD i586 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Пт Июл 5 18:18:19 MSK 2019

This is a summary of the i586 package rebuild test finished at 05.07.2019.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 36+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 1 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

selinux-policy-3.11.1-alt5 [136]

List of 3 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

dssi-vst-0.9-alt1.git20140805 [5]
firefox-webdeveloper-1:2.0.1-alt1 [24]
perl-Parallel-Prefork-0.18-alt1_7 [0]

List of 30 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

R-base-3.5.3-alt1 [7] (kirill, на qa)
ZendFramework-1.11.7-alt1 [17] (naf)
ack-6.0pre4-alt1 [28] (george, на everybody)
chromium-74.0.3729.131-alt1 [10] (legion,cas)
dero- [32] (drool, на everybody)
environment-modules-3.2.10-alt2_23 [8] (viy, на everybody)
gambas-3.13.0-alt2 [1] (cas, на everybody)
gcc4.3-4.3.2-alt21 [12] (glebfm)
gcc4.4-4.4.7-alt5 [12] (glebfm)
gcc4.5-4.5.4-alt6 [12] (sbolshakov,glebfm)
gcc4.6-4.6.3-alt13 [12] (sbolshakov,glebfm)
gcc4.7-4.7.2-alt12 [12] (sbolshakov,glebfm)
gcc4.8-4.8.2-alt6.1 [12] (glebfm)
gcc4.9-4.9.2-alt6.1 [12] (glebfm)
gforth-0.7.3-alt3.qa1 [32] (george, на everybody)
hibernate-search-5.5.4-alt4_2jpp8 [16] (viy, на everybody)
libgovirt-0.3.4-alt1_7 [11] (viy, на everybody)
libkpmcore-4.0.0-alt1 [2] (aris)
lightdm-gtk-greeter-2.0.1-alt13 [6] (shaba, на everybody)
novi-2.1.2-alt2 [3] (mike, на everybody)
openmpi-compat-1.6.4-alt5 [12] (dans, на everybody)
pcsx2-1.4.0-alt2.S1 [32] (nenderus, на everybody)
pdf2djvu-0.9.12-alt1 [1] (lakostis, на everybody)
perl-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-MakeMaker-Awesome-0.48-alt1 [8] (naf, на everybody)
pesign-0.109-alt5 [6] (mike)
pspp-1.2.0-alt1 [10] (george, на everybody)
python-module-pytest-bdd-3.1.0-alt1 [4] (@python, на everybody)
texlive-2018-alt3_12 [1] (viy, на everybody)
torque-6.1.2-alt1_3 [8] (viy, на everybody)
xfce4-sensors-plugin-1.3.92-alt1 [3] (sem, на xfce, на qa)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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