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Сб Сен 10 07:46:22 MSK 2016

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firefox-gost - The Mozilla Firefox project is a redesign of Mozilla's browser (with GOST support)	[179M]
* Fri Sep 09 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <cas на altlinux> 45.3.0-alt0.M70P.1
- Backport new version to p7 branch
* Tue Sep 06 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <cas на altlinux> 45.3.0-alt1
- New ESR version
- Security fixes:
  + MFSA 2016-80 Same-origin policy violation using local HTML file and saved shortcut file
  + MFSA 2016-79 Use-after-free when applying SVG effects
  + MFSA 2016-78 Type confusion in display transformation
  + MFSA 2016-77 Buffer overflow in ClearKey Content Decryption Module (CDM) during video playback
  + MFSA 2016-76 Scripts on marquee tag can execute in sandboxed iframes
  + MFSA 2016-73 Use-after-free in service workers with nested sync events
  + MFSA 2016-72 Use-after-free in DTLS during WebRTC session shutdown
  + MFSA 2016-70 Use-after-free when using alt key and toplevel menus
  + MFSA 2016-67 Stack underflow during 2D graphics rendering
  + MFSA 2016-65 Cairo rendering crash due to memory allocation issue with FFmpeg 0.10
  + MFSA 2016-64 Buffer overflow rendering SVG with bidirectional content
  + MFSA 2016-63 Favicon network connection can persist when page is closed
- Set verify_elf_method relaxed
* Wed Jul 06 2016 Andrey Cherepanov <cas на altlinux> 38.8.0-alt0.M70P.1

Total 14988 source packages.

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