[cyber] I: Sisyphus-20131001 REBUILD i586 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Вт Окт 1 20:01:55 MSK 2013

This is a summary of the i586 package rebuild test finished at 01.10.2013.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 16+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 4 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

eclipse-cdt-1:8.0.0-alt1_5jpp6 [68]
eclipse-changelog-1:2.7.0-alt1_2jpp6 [68]
gst-plugins-good-0.10.31-alt2 [17]
nagios-plugins-1.4.15-alt1.1 [19]

List of 11 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

backlite-1.0.1-alt1.2 [2]
backup-manager-0.7.9-alt2.1 [9]
fsbackup-1.2pl2-alt4.1 [9]
libakode-2.0.2-alt11.qa1 [2]
mint-display-manager-1.0.8-alt1 [0]
mpd-mini-0.16.4-alt1.qa1 [2]
perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-Authentication-1.21-alt1 [13]
perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-BasicAuth-0.06-alt1 [13]
psad-2.1.7-alt1.qa1 [3]
spampd-2.30-alt1.1 [9]
varkon-1.19D-alt2.1.qa2 [15]

List of 92 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

Mesa-4:9.2-alt1 [4] (shrek)
PokerTH-1.0.1-alt1 [2] (sem, на everybody)
acheck-rules-0.3.1-alt2_8 [9] (viy, на everybody)
amide-0.9.2-alt1.3 [2] (anyr, на everybody)
aperiot-0.2.1-alt1 [1] (george, на everybody)
audacity-2.0.3-alt1 [2] (karpov, на qa)
automake_1.11-1.11.6-alt3 [3] (ldv)
bacula-docs-5.2.10-alt1 [3] (vitty, на everybody)
blender2.49-2.49b-alt11.3 [2] (serpiph, на everybody)
cdck-0.7.0-alt1.1.qa1 [9] (lav, на qa, на everybody)
cherokee-1.2.101-alt2.qa1 [2] (force, на everybody)
clementine-1.1.1-alt3 [2] (rolland, на qa)
coan-5.1-alt1_3 [9] (viy, на everybody)
compiz-0.8.8-alt10 [2] (glebfm, на everybody)
crossroads-2.77-alt1 [3] (force, на everybody)
deadbeef-0.5.6-alt3.252d7cbf [2] (andyc, на everybody,drool,radik)
debhelper-9.20130518-alt1 [9] (lav, на qa, на everybody)
devscripts-2.12.6-alt1 [9] (george, на everybody)
dstool_tk-doc-2.0-alt5 [3] (viy, на everybody)
enblend-4.0-alt4 [3] (serpiph,boyarsh)
ffmpeg2dirac-0.2.0-alt1 [2] (manowar, на everybody)
gitolite-3.03-alt1 [3] (mike, на everybody)
gmerlin-avdecoder-1.1.0-alt1.1 [2] (ruslandh, на everybody)
gmerlin-encoders-1.0.0-alt1 [2] (ruslandh, на everybody)
gst-ffmpeg-0.10.13-alt1 [2] (shrek)
gwyddion-2.31-alt1 [9] (boris, на everybody)
kde4-k3b-2.0.2-alt6 [2] (zerg)
kde4-k9copy-2.3.8-alt1 [2] (zerg)
kernel-modules-blcr-hpc-skif-0.8.3-alt2.132640.25 [3] (real, на kernel, на qa)
kernel-modules-fglrx-hpc-skif-13.101-alt1.132640.25 [7] (real, на kernel, на everybody)
libmediastreamer-2.9.1-alt1 [2] (taf, на everybody)
libxine-1.1.21-alt6 [2] (zerg, на everybody)
mapivi-0.9.7-alt1 [3] (force, на everybody)
motion-3.2.12-alt2.6 [2] (ruslandh, на qa, на everybody)
mpeg4ip- [2] (ender, на everybody)
munin-1.4.5-alt3.1 [9] (zver, на everybody)
netpbm-10.35.89-alt1 [9] (crux, на everybody)
openerp-server-5.0.14-alt2.1 [2] (lav,zver, на qa)
pdf2djvu-0.7.16-alt1.1 [3] (lakostis, на everybody)
perl-CGI-FormBuilder-3.0800-alt1 [2] (naf, на cpan)
perl-Crypt-OpenPGP-1.06-alt1 [3] (@cpan, на qa)
perl-Crypt-Random-Source-0.07-alt1 [9] (baraka, на everybody)
perl-Dist-Zilla-4.300028-alt1 [1] (naf, на qa, на cpan)
perl-Event-Notify-0.00004-alt1.1.1 [3] (misha, на cpan)
perl-Event-RPC-1.01-alt3 [8] (oddity, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Facebook-Graph-1.0301-alt1 [1] (naf, на everybody)
perl-FormValidator-Lite-0.29-alt1 [1] (crux, на everybody)
perl-HTML-TokeParser-Simple-3.15-alt1 [9] (mithraen, на everybody)
perl-HTTP-Request-Params-1.01-alt2 [9] (@cpan, на qa, на everybody)
perl-JSON-RPC-Common-0.10-alt1 [3] (naf, на everybody)
perl-Mail-Folder-0.07-alt1.1 [3] (naf, на cpan)
perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-PlainAuth-0.1-alt1 [3] (enp, на everybody)
perl-Net-RBLClient-0.5-alt2.1 [3] (@cpan, на everybody)
perl-Net-Server-2.007-alt1 [8] (shaba, на cpan, на qa, на everybody)
perl-Ouch-0.0401-alt1 [1] (naf, на everybody)
perl-Padre-0.98-alt1 [3] (crux, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Panotools-Script-0.26-alt1 [3] (dd, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-PerlIO-via-symlink-0.05-alt2.1 [3] (lav, на cpan, на qa)
perl-SOAP-WSDL-2.00.10-alt2 [3] (force, на cpan)
perl-SQL-Translator-0.11016-alt1 [1] (@cpan,misha)
perl-Tapper-CLI-4.1.3-alt1 [3] (viy, на everybody)
perl-Template-Alloy-1.016-alt1 [3] (naf, на everybody)
php5-ffmpeg- [2] (rider,naf,boyarsh)
python-module-GitPython-0.3.2-alt1rc1.1 [1] (lav,rlz, на everybody)
python-module-amqp-1.0.11-alt1 [1] (dubrsl, на everybody)
python-module-celery-2.5.3-alt1 [1] (dubrsl, на everybody)
python-module-django-dilla-0.2-alt1.beta [1] (dubrsl, на everybody)
python-module-django-rest-framework-2.2.1-alt1 [5] (solo, на everybody)
python-module-django-sekizai-0.7-alt3 [5] (solo, на everybody)
python-module-enchant-1.6.5-alt3 [1] (boyarsh, на everybody)
python-module-flask-0.9-alt2 [1] (iv, на everybody)
python-module-libutilitaspy-0.1-alt1 [1] (george, на everybody)
python-module-persistent-4.0.6-alt1 [1] (solo, на everybody)
python-module-virtualenv-1.9.1-alt1 [1] (redbaron, на everybody)
python-module-waitress-0.8.2-alt2 [1] (solo, на everybody)
python-module-werkzeug-0.8.3-alt1 [1] (rt, на everybody)
python3-module-enchant-1.6.5-alt3 [1] (george, на everybody)
qutecom-2.2.1-alt3.6 [2] (gray_graff, на qa, на everybody)
renpy-6.12.2-alt1.2 [2] (george, на everybody)
ruby-rcairo-1.10.0-alt4.1 [2] (@ruby, на everybody)
sox-14.4.1-alt1 [2] (mithraen,redbaron)
stellarium-0.12.0-alt1 [9] (karpov, на qa, на everybody)
transcode-1.1.5-alt6 [2] (rider, на everybody)
vicq-0.4.1-alt5.2 [9] (crux, на everybody)
virtualbox-4.2.16-alt3 [1] (sin, на everybody)
wget-1.14-alt1 [9] (mike,stanv, на qa,timonbl4, на everybody)
wireshark-1.10.0-alt1 [9] (rider, на everybody)
xdotool-20101012-alt2 [9] (ender, на everybody)
xdtv-2.4.1-alt11.cvs20080708.12.3 [2] (ruslandh, на qa, на everybody)
xen-4.1.3-alt3.1 [9] (vitty, на everybody)
xvattr-1.3-alt6.qa1 [9] (force, на everybody)
zim-0.29-alt3 [9] (naf,lav, на qa, на everybody)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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