[cyber] I: p7-20131222 REBUILD i586 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Вс Дек 22 17:36:38 MSK 2013

This is a summary of the i586 package rebuild test finished at 22.12.2013.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 16+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 2 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

eclipse-cdt-1:8.0.0-alt1_5jpp6 [30]
eclipse-changelog-1:2.7.0-alt1_2jpp6 [30]

List of 1 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

voms-api-java-2.0.10-alt1_2jpp7 [12]

List of 13 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

basqet-0.2.0-alt1 [7] (@qa_p7)
kernel-image-un-def-1:3.12.5-alt1 [2] (@qa_p7)
kernel-modules-ipset-std-def-6.20.1-alt1.199192.1 [3] (boyarsh, на kernel, на qa_p7)
kernel-modules-ipset-std-pae-6.20.1-alt1.199192.1 [3] (boyarsh, на kernel, на qa_p7)
kernel-modules-ipset-un-def-6.20.1-alt1.199685.1 [3] (boyarsh, на kernel, на qa_p7)
kernel-modules-virtualbox-addition-std-def-4.2.18-alt1.199192.1 [3] (@qa_p7)
kernel-modules-virtualbox-addition-std-pae-4.2.18-alt1.199192.1 [3] (@qa_p7)
kernel-modules-virtualbox-std-def-4.2.18-alt1.199192.1 [3] (@qa_p7)
kernel-modules-virtualbox-std-pae-4.2.18-alt1.199192.1 [3] (@qa_p7)
kernel-modules-virtualbox-un-def-4.2.18-alt1.199685.1 [3] (@qa_p7)
libldb-1.1.16-alt1 [5] (@qa_p7)
libreoffice- [7] (@qa_p7)
make-2:3.82-alt5 [1] (@qa_p7)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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