[cyber] I: Sisyphus-20110920 REBUILD x86_64 status

ALT beekeeper hiver на altlinux.org
Вт Сен 20 11:18:08 UTC 2011

This is a summary of the x86_64 package rebuild test finished at 20.09.2011.

Numbers in [square brackets] describe how many weeks corresponding
packages cannot be rebuilt.

Orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for 16+ weeks are
usually removed from the repository without further warnings.

List of 8 orphaned packages that cannot be rebuilt for a very long time:

erlang-rfc4627-1.1.1-alt1.hg.98 [29]
libjogl-1.1.1-alt7 [27]
libxml-ruby-1.1.3-alt1 [29]
python-module-hulahop-0.7.1-alt1 [20]
rabbitmq-server-1.6.0-alt3 [29]
ruby-gettext_activerecord-2.1.0-alt1 [50]
ruby-net-ssh-2.0.15-alt1 [25]
ruby-pkg-config-1.0.7-alt2 [16]

List of 7 orphaned packages that have no assignee to send information
about rebuild failures:

freepv-0.3.0-alt3 [14]
gmpc-plugin-libnotify-0.18.0-alt1 [15]
mozilla-plugin-mplayerplug-in-3.55-alt1 [14]
mozilla-plugin-swfdec-0.8.2-alt2 [14]
rubrica-2.1.6-alt2 [15]
ruby-eventmachine-0.12.11-alt3 [12]
salasaga-0.8.0-alt2.alpha7 [15]

List of 67 packages that cannot be rebuilt for more than one week:

CoinOsi-0.104.2-alt1.svn20110417 [2] (real, на everybody)
CoinSmi-0.92.1-alt1.svn20110201 [2] (real, на everybody)
augeas-0.8.0-alt1 [11] (rider, на everybody)
banshee-2.0.1-alt1 [5] (shaba, на everybody)
chromium-browser-14.0.835.8-alt6.r94423 [4] (snejok, на everybody)
dhcp-1:3.0.7-alt7 [4] (ldv)
ffmpeg2theora-0.26-alt1 [6] (ldv, на everybody)
flphoto-1.3.1-alt4.2 [4] (force, на everybody)
fontconfig-2.8.0-alt8 [4] (zerg,shrek, на everybody)
frescobaldi-1.0.2-alt1 [8] (azol, на everybody)
gmerlin-avdecoder-1.0.3-alt2 [6] (ruslandh, на everybody)
gmerlin-encoders-0.2.9-alt1 [6] (ruslandh, на everybody)
gtklp-1.2.7-alt1.qa1 [4] (slava, на everybody)
gutenprint-1:5.2.7-alt1 [4] (shrek, на everybody)
jss-4.2.5-alt1 [4] (vitty, на everybody)
kdelibs-3.5.12-alt11 [4] (zerg, на everybody)
kernel-modules-compat-wireless-std-def-20110803-alt2.196612.1 [1] (timonbl4, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-dahdi-ovz-smp-2.3.0-alt3.132640.8 [8] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-dahdi-xen-dom0- [3] (mithraen, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-e1000e-ovz-smp-1.2.20-alt1.132640.8 [4] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-fglrx-ovz-smp- [8] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-fglrx-xen-dom0- [4] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-igb-ovz-smp-2.4.13-alt1.132640.8 [4] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-igb-xen-dom0-2.4.13-alt1.132640.43 [4] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-ipset-ovz-smp-4.4-alt3.132640.8 [6] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-ipset-xen-dom0-4.4-alt1.132640.43 [6] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-nvidia-ovz-smp-270.41.06-alt1.132640.8 [8] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8168-ovz-smp-8.023.00-alt1.132640.8 [8] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8168-xen-dom0-8.024.00-alt1.132640.43 [3] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8192-el-smp-0018.1025-alt1.132640.26 [4] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8192-ovz-smp-0018.1025-alt3.132640.8 [4] (sin, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8192-std-def-0018.1025-alt3.196612.1 [4] (aspsk, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8192-un-def-0018.1025-alt3.196612.1 [4] (boyarsh, на kernel, на everybody)
kernel-modules-rtl8192-xen-dom0-0018.1025-alt1.132640.43 [4] (vitty, на kernel, на everybody)
lazarus-0.9.31-alt8 [3] (ashen, на everybody)
libGeoIP-1.4.8-alt1 [11] (force, на everybody)
libgluezilla-2.12-alt1 [6] (lav,shaba, на qa, на everybody)
myagent-im-0.4.6-alt1 [4] (nenderus, на qa, на everybody)
perl-Geo-IP-1.38-alt1.1 [11] (force, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Geo-IP-PurePerl-1.25-alt1.1 [11] (force, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-HTML-CTPP2-2.6.7-alt1 [9] (mithraen, на everybody)
perl-HTTP-ProxyAutoConfig-0.3-alt1 [11] (at, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-LWP-UserAgent-Determined-1.04-alt1 [11] (mithraen, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Mail-DKIM-0.39-alt1 [11] (force, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP-1.24-alt1.1 [6] (pma, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Net-DNS-0.66-alt1.1 [11] (force, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Net-EPP-Proxy-0.04-alt1.1 [9] (force, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Net-RawIP-0.25-alt1.1 [11] (mike, на qa, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-Quota-1.6.4-alt3.1 [4] (pma, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-WWW-Curl-4.11-alt1.1 [11] (rider, на cpan, на everybody)
perl-XML-RSS-SimpleGen-11.11-alt1 [11] (at, на cpan, на everybody)
python-2.6.6-alt5 [4] (@python, на everybody)
python-module-objects.inv3-2: [11] (real, на everybody)
python-module-pygnome-extras-2.25.3-alt3 [6] (lav, на python, на gnome, на everybody)
python-module-xpcom-1:0.0.0-alt3.20110502 [3] (legion)
qemu-0.15.0-alt1 [2] (shaba, на everybody)
qemu-kvm-0.15.0-alt2 [2] (rider, на everybody)
ruby-gnome2-all-0.90.5-alt3 [11] (@ruby, на everybody)
ruby-zoom-0.4.1-alt3 [11] (@ruby, на everybody)
ruby1.8-1.8.7-alt10 [11] (timonbl4, на ruby, на everybody)
ruby1.8-gnome2-all-0.90.5-alt4 [11] (timonbl4, на ruby, на everybody)
soprano-2.6.0-alt2 [2] (zerg)
thrift-0.3.0-alt3 [11] (vitty, на everybody)
valgrind-3.6.1-alt1 [4] (ldv,vsu)
wanpipe-3.5.20-alt1 [1] (mithraen, на everybody)
xdtv-2.4.1-alt11.cvs20080708.11 [6] (ruslandh, на qa, на everybody)
zsh-1:4.3.11-alt1 [11] (at, на everybody)

Sincerely yours,
ALT beekeeper

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