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Чт Апр 23 23:56:41 MSD 2009

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rpm - The RPM package management system
* Thu Apr 23 2009 Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.16
- rpmdb: Removed db1 support.
- db3.c (db3close): Backported fix for double close (RH#138589).
* Sat Apr 18 2009 Dmitry V. Levin <ldv на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.15
- rpm.8: Fixed typo (closes: #19356).
- platform.in: Added macros: %_logrotatedir, %_runtimedir (closes: #13639).
* Thu Mar 26 2009 Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.14
- Improved fingerprint cache performance (credits: Florian Festi).
* Tue Mar 10 2009 Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.13
- Removed prehistoric multilib support.
* Mon Mar 09 2009 Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.12
- Updated %config algorithm to avoid unnecessary *.rpmnew, *.rpmsave,
  and *.rpmorig files (credits: Panu Matilainen, Tomas Mraz).
  + If new package keeps the same config file, updating the file on disk
    is skipped (rhbz#194246).  This provides limited support for replacing
    config files with custom symbolic links.
  + If pre-existing file is the same as the one being installed for
    the first time, backup action is suppress (rhbz#128622).
  + Backup action is also disabled but for regular files and symlinks.
* Mon Mar 09 2009 Alexey Tourbin <at на altlinux> 4.0.4-alt77.M40.11

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