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Вт Ноя 20 02:05:12 MSK 2007

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samba - Samba SMB/CIFS server                                   	[24M]
* Thu Nov 15 2007 Alexander Bokovoy <ab на altlinux> 3.0.27-alt1
- Security release 3.0.27:
  + CVS-2007-4572
    Stack buffer overflow in nmbd's logon request processing.
  + CVE-2007-5398
    Remote code execution in Samba's WINS server daemon (nmbd) 
    when processing name registration followed name query requests.
- Updated set of loadable modules:
  + added nss_info/rfc2307, nss_info/sfu, idmap/ad
- General spec file clean up
- Keep dependency on kernel-headers-std until Branch and Sisyphus policies
  would be synchronized
* Sun Nov 11 2007 Alexander Bokovoy <ab на altlinux> 3.0.26a-alt2
- Use git to handle the package
  + Fix #13210 (and a number of similar unreported bugs), now
    all pdb, auth, rpc, and idmap are included into samba-common
* Tue Sep 11 2007 Alexander Bokovoy <ab на altlinux> 3.0.26a-alt1

Total 6408 source packages.

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